HTC Desire S 

HTC's new Desire S was expected to be released on Apr. 18 in Europe, but now it seems that some retailers may be stocking the device a little earlier. On its blog the UK-based Clove Technology says that it'll be receiving Desire S stock "a little earlier than initially expected", during the last week of March.

The Desire S will be the first of HTC's Gingerbread phones to launch. Like the Wildfire S, which will arrive sometime during the second quarter, it runs HTC Sense 2.1 on top of Android 2.3. Clove is currently listing the Desire S for pre-order with a price of £406.80 (~$650). [Clove Technology Blog]


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HTC Desire S due in UK 'last week of March'


Should we take this as a good indicator that we'll see 2.3 on other HTC phones as well? My Thunderbolt is politely wondering about this on my desk right now.

I was wondering the same thing since all of these phones run sense I hope this means gingerbread will be out for our phones around then I'm not getting my hopes up though knowing verizon.

Q2 2011 is as specific as HTC's been as far as Gingerbread on older phones goes. I'd expect the TBolt to get it around the same time as the Inc S.