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HTC is to launch its own "Best Deals" app on upcoming Android and Windows Phone 8-based handsets, the company has announced.

Partnering with services like Living Social and Trip Advisor, HTC's Best Deals will hook customers up with deals in their local area, which they'll then be able to catalog and share. HTC says it'll launch with over 1700 deals initially, across five European countries and twelve deal providers.

Best Deals will be available at launch on the HTC One X+, as well as the company's new Windows Phone 8X and 8S handsets. It'll also be pushed out to the One X and One S in a future software update, likely the same on that brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to those devices.

We've got more details in the full press release after the break.


Customers get access to thousands of discount deals

UK, 26th October  — HTC, a global leader in mobile design and innovation, today announced Best Deals, a new service that delivers personalised money-saving deals direct to your HTC smartphone.

Categorized by your preferences and interests, this service uses your location to bring you all of the best discounts in your area. Preferred deals can be reviewed, bookmarked or shared with a single click; they can also be sorted by popularity, discount, price and expiration date.

“HTC strives to deliver the best web content and services to its customers,” says Cédric Mangaud, Vice President of Value-Added Services for HTC. “We’re excited to be launching a service that gives you the very best deals, in line with your own personal interests, wherever you are.”

HTC has built partnerships with 12 leading deal providers across the five launch markets, UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain, including LivingSocial, that will provide four of the five markets with deals, Trip Advisor, Qype Deals and Offerum.* Best Deals customers will have access to thousands of local offers and will also benefit from exclusive deals for a range of HTC products and accessories.

“HTC’s dedication to providing personalised experiences fits perfectly with the diversity of our handpicked deals service,” says Peter Briffett, Managing Director for the UK and Ireland at LivingSocial. “Our wide range of location-based offers will allow HTC smartphone owners to take advantage of hundreds of deals in their local area, from Michelin-starred dining and luxury spas to supercar racing days and hot air balloon rides.”

HTC will continue to secure a range of additional deal categories after launch by establishing new partnerships with a number of providers and mobile operators.

The Best Deals application and widget will be available on the new HTC One X+, and the Windows Phone 8X and 8S which launch in November. It will also be included in the upcoming software update for the acclaimed One series devices, the HTC One X and HTC One S.

A total of 1,700 deals and offers will be available at launch.


Reader comments

HTC 'Best Deals' service to arrive on One S, X and X+


Does HTC not realize that the loss of focus on their products and gimmicks like this are the reason their company is in the terrible position they are in now?

They just don't learn. When are the shareholders going to demand a change in leadership?

Here is an idea, let's not worry about getting software updates out to our handsets or slimming down sense it's more important for us to launch some ridiculous app that there is no use for the majority of customers

Nothing like a gimmick to get a compamy back on track while they are spiraling the toilet.... Nice HTC, nice!

Here's the best deal I want: give me a One X+ with stock JB. Do that, HTC, and you have my custom. (Yes, yes, I know I could root and flash. But I'm busy and I don't want to deal with the hassle.)

A Best Deals app means nothing if people aren't buying the phones to run it. Stop with the carrier exclusives, the One X(+) should be available everywhere. And they should be selling it unlocked directly for those who are prepaid.

Just release your flagship device on all carriers so everyone can get them. And stop the exclusives. Do you really make that much more money doing that? You obviously don't sell more.

I never thought people would curse progress. HTC can never catch a break on android central, it's annoying. Like AC members think if HTC gives you your perfect phone it'll make a difference to the regular consumer. Get over yourselves, I'm thankful for features they continue to add to their phones.