We talked about the HTC Bee a few times since last June, but finally proof of its existence has appeared via the Chinese blog 911HTC.  They got their hands on a leaked RUU for the unit, and Alltel branding is showing up in the files.  The Bee looks very entry-level, much like the Aria, with a 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU, 348 MB of RAM, and a smallish quarter-VGA display.  

What may be the most interesting thing is the Alltel branding.  Alltel and Verizon merged a while back, but Alltel remains a separate entity, and still operates in a handfull of U.S. states, and even carries an Android device -- the HTC Hero and Motorola Milestone.  Could this one be headed there as well, or will it join the pool of Android phones on Verizon? [911HTC via Pocketnow


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HTC Bee ROM leak shows up, with Alltel branding


With 384MB RAM, it's actually ahead of the Eris, albeit an exactly the same CPU. If the devs do to this what they have done for the Eris, it might be a fun little phone.

some markets of Alltel were sold to AT&T by Verizon. As of December 12, Alltel will be no more. This unit would have to go to either Verizon or Sprint if it hits as a CDMA device.

Actually, some markets are still operating separate from any of the major wireless carriers. A new carrier was formed by the investors that operate those markets. It's called Allied Wireless. It has around 1 million subs and will be headquartered in Little Rock. That is alltel's former home. Interestingly, Allied is the name once used by alltel. Verizon's southern region hq in Little Rock (where alltel once was) is at 1 Allied DR. Allied was a pioneer in the telco industry. The first direct-dialed long distance call in the US was made in Arkansas, from an allied line. The new Allied Wireless hired some of the previous alltel execs in LR that were let go by VZW. VZW was not happy about that and sued. Haven't heard anything on that in a while.

Oh my. I just dissected this leak, and its running android 2.1!四 9月 23 21:36:15 CST 2010
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Starting to feel like this is a mythical phone that won't reach market. It was first leaked like June 12. It's too much of an entry level to be anthing taking this long. With regards to specs, should still zoom like the aria bc screen size. Come on Verizon!