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 We don't have an official unlock through HTCDev yet, but that hasn't stopped the bootloader on the AT&T One X from being unlocked.  After days of watching the devs do their thing on XDA, it seems that they have finally cracked it.  This is the first thing we need to be able to flash all those custom ROM's we love, the next being a working recovery, which will probably follow suit in the next couple of days.  Of course, there's a possibility that you'll brick your phone doing this, and it does involve a HEX editor and ADB skills.  The thread has exploded, but it's worth doing the reading to see what kind of issues people are having, and what steps my give you some trouble.  Hit that source link for the steps, and let us know how it went for you in the forums.

Source: XDA-Developers


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HTC AT&T One X now has unofficial bootloader unlock


Whining ? Really like saying that is really needed .... Asking a phone company to keep there hands out of our phones is not whining.. thanks for your intelligent input to the news

Dick, why by an Android phone if you can't own it the way you want to. Might as well get an iPhone. I'm new here and to Android and the whole reason I left the iPhone because it's locked down. So yes an unlocked boot loader means a lot to us! Ass!

This has been posted all over the place since early this am, where has android central been? AT&T still sucks, the devs had to do something creative, disguise the phone as from a different carrier, pretty clever, AT&T will probably try to close this down.

Kudos to the XDA Devs and I'm very happy for all of the One X owners out there.

And a big F*** YOU to AT&T and HTC.

Because HTC knew this was going to happen and didn't have the balls to stand up for there customers on AT&T. Every other carrier has this phone or variant of this phone's boot loader unlocked. So the only way to make it understood is to not buy the phone or reach out to the Dev community to put that pressure on them. Just like the Flipboard app, it was bullshit that they had the app finished but was only going to be for the GS3 at launch wtf kind of crap is that? Whatever happened to open and all that other crap that Android fans praise? For a person tht is new to the platform, it's not a good look because all you hear is iPhone sucks this and Apple locks this and tht but now the same pettiness happens in the Android platform as well albeit from the OEM side.

Stand up to AT&T, lol, right. You know what AT&T would have told them? "Have fun selling your phones on another network, losers." Then AT&T would light up a big fat cigar, kick a small child, and walk off laughing. HTC is trying to come back from a horrible 2011, and they NEED TO SELL PHONES to stay viable against Samsung. they can't afford to just tell AT&T to go f*** themselves.


They couldn't tell AT&T anything, so instead they made it easy to break the lockdown. Who knows. Maybe they leaked a few anonymous tips here and there around the net.

Listen there has to be some sort of control or things would be leave it alone....its better this way as its up to the end user to go about modding there phone