If you have an HTC Sense 4+ phone, HTC and Playstation Mobile want to give you a free game every week through the end of February. Much like the offer for free games on Sony devices, there are no hoops to jump through, just download the Playstation Mobile for Android app, set up your Sony Entertainment Network account, then use your Sense 4+ phone to download your free games. Supported models include:

  • HTC One V
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One XL
  • HTC One EVO 4G LTE
  • HTC One X+

There is one sticking point -- your phone must be running Android 4.1 and Sense 4+ or higher, which leaves folks on AT&T and T-Mobile out in the cold unless they've rooted and ROM'd. Feel free to express your distaste in the comments. 

This week's free game is Cubixx, and HTC reminds us all to check every week for a new game. See the source link for the full details.

Source: HTC; via +HTC

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dsignori says:

So ... Droid DNA??

joansin says:

Exactly... This phone can run anything you throw at it with specs surpassing everything listed. We have the latest and greatest. Where is our candy d@mn it!?!?!?!?

crxssi says:

Really? Come back to me when your DNA has 80GB of local storage on it like my Evo LTE ;)

MrLadoodle says:

The HTC Butterfly can do 80GB of storage.

crxssi says:

And yet we are talking about the HTC DNA, which is stuck with a measly/puny/weak 16GB and no way to expand it.

Fraggle79 says:

I can plug my 32GB USB drives into my DNA. You on the other hand are stuck with 1GB Ram, haha suck it.

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Uhh. Wtf does this have to do with meeting the requirements? Sense 4+ and Android 4.1 were the only reqs I saw. Does the DNA have that? Yep. GTFO ya damn troll

crxssi says:

Me? A troll? Very unlikely. Although I will admit I did misread what he originally wrote (or the intention of what he wrote).... He said "specs surpassing everything listed" which he meant as the OS & Sense versions, but what I read as features and specs" so I threw a witty retort. Honest mistake- no name calling is required.

Vacmfuzzy says:

Classy reply to mr. sensitivity there, crxssi.

Kraizk says:

Jesus you're an angry person. Did you try side loading the PSM apk and installing from there? Works fine on my AT&T One X+ even though PSM is not in the app store for me.

DocToxyn says:

Mobile app doesn't come up in Play store. Can't download from Web either. Stock HTC Evo 4G LTE with recent update.

gameaddict8 says:

I was able to side load it.

Gameaddict8, thanks for the link. However, when I open the app, I get an error message. Any ideas? Thanks again.

By the way, I have a DNA with 4.1.1 and Sense 4+.

Bizzle69 says:

have you gone to settings>security>allow third party app installs?

Yep. The app installs just fine. When I try and open it, I get an error message.

gameaddict8 says:

It doesn't work with the DNA. If you root it, it's possible. I have ps mobile on my hp touchpad.

Les Rupert says:

I was able download it. It reads error. Any thoughts?

llllBULLSEYE says:

OMG the only reason Im dying for the jellybean update on my One X is
for this.

nytrus113 says:

Pretty sure the One X+ is on ATT and is running sense 4+ on top of jelly bean 4.1. So I assume you're referring to the one x and one s people. And Yeh. How can the droid DNA just be left out of this discussion? Wow. Poor.

ejavenger says:

Verizon is why...Did you really need to ask...Another Verizon decision sticking it to the customers

I Monarch says:

The One X+ definitely has JellyBean, so it should be included on this list, without rooting or ROMing.

nytrus113 says:

Oh. And also I am running an ATT one x that's rooted and as far as I can tell there's no way for me to install sense 4+ on my phone. Certain CIDs it seems it just can't be done.

Bizzle69 says:

if you install a rom like ViperXL 3.2, its sense 4+, JB.... and it works

hybrid06339 says:

install a custom ROM with Sense just for a couple of games?! Uh, no way.

nytrus113 says:

Oh. I thought Viper XL wasn't a 4+ ROM. My bad. Actually had plans to flash it this weekend anyway just out of pure boredom with the CM 10 nightlies I've been on for ages. Thought a bit of sense for a while would be a welcomed change. Will try XL3.2

ronzkie21 says:

Stupid AT&T! Who are they to decide my phone's faith?!

Ryandroid86 says:

this is exactly why I rooted two days ago... I just cant wait for Tmobile and HTC to roll out updates. its stupid... and now they offer an exlusive feature that half the US with HTC One series phones cant even use.... Nice planning guys... Way to F that up.

Rooted is the way to go... because if I want this... all i have to do is download and flash a 4.1 Sense ROM.

bawboh86 says:

In the immortal words of Charlton Heston as Moses: AT&T, let my One X go!

smokin221 says:

I got it installed but don't see the free games

Happy_man says:

Got this when it first came out for my EVO, the free games aren't to bad.

mtmerrick says:


Never heard it called that before...

Neither have I -- was surprised to see HTC refer to it that way. But I decided I like it and am gonna use it :)

crxssi says:

LOL. You go, Jerry....

My AT&T One X+ is running 4.1 - might be worth updating the article?

I will see if the offer works for me this morning.

PJMAN2952 says:

Wait a minute. Why is the HTC One V in the list? HTC said that the One V wouldn't get the 4.1 update. Fail.

gameaddict8 says:

Big time fail on HTC's behalf. Sony does have the asterisk though. lol

PJMAN2952 says:

I agree. They said like two months ago that they will release the 4.1 update "SOON". It's been too long for an update.

mike31082 says:

App isn't available in the US?! Using an EVO LTE.

wshwe says:

PlayStation Mobile has been a gigantic fail. This does little to change that.

SROJR says:


SROJR says:

Got an EVO LTE; side-loaded app but there are no apps (and no free games) to be found. All categories are stating that there are no items in the category. Anyone actually seeing anything

gameaddict8 says:

Create a psn account

jimbo says:

Get a life

Go outside.

Talk in person to real people.

Your psyche and self esteem will improve significantly.

crxssi says:

But some people like playing games! It can be a part of a well balanced meal!

kemetblk says:

I have a life.

I go outside everyday.

Talking to "real people" is madly overrated. Too many idiots and assholes.

I'm a well adjusted married father of one, pretty sure my psyche and self esteem are just fine.

I still love to game. GTFO with that BS.

opec says:

First, HTC wants to give me me 25 gigs of Dropbox storage, and ATT won't let them give it to me....
Then, HTC finishes my Jelly Bean update, and ATT sits on it long enough to hatch a chicken.
Then, HTC and Sony want to give me 4 free android games, and ATT won't let me have them.


PJMAN2952 says:

Same thing with HTC and T-Mobile.

slayerpsp says:

my son got my EVO LTE at xmas works great

ajace says:

HTC One S Tmo rooted with Virtuous Ville. App installed fine and then "An error has occurred
8008103E" when I try to launch