Nexus One Color Banding

Now we don't mean to cause any undue alarm here, but check out the live wallpaper on the Nexus One above. It doesn't reproduce perfectly in the picture, but there's definitely some major color banding going on, just like we saw with the photo gallery in Android 2.1, first with the Nexus One, and later with the Droid, as the gallery went from 24-bit to 16-bit. I've been using that wallpaper exclusively since it came out, and this is the first time I've seen this on the home screen.

In fact, the ol' picture of Mars does the exact same thing if you plop it up as the wallpaper. Now we're not coders, but there's a pretty good bet there's some ones and zeroes being shared here. If someone wants to learn us a thing or two about this one, we're all ears. In the meantime, sound off in the comments. Anybody else seeing this?

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snowman2149 says:

no I think thats just the new evening part of the live wallpaper because it changes depending on what time it is

5-6-ACE says:

At least you get to enjoy your color banding on a AMOLED display...

Saneless says:

I'm sure he's aware that it changes color, given he's been using it "since it came out"

Take a closer look, I'm pretty sure he's talking about how the clarity is a little fuzzy or there's visible horizontal lines between different shades.

Sorry Phil, never really paid much attention before. I do know that the stupid camera, which made pictures look green even though the preview window showed them fine, takes pictures that now match the preview.

BDHN1 says:

I'm getting the same issue on my screen with that particular live wallpaper, now that I've manually updated. :\

gbhil#AC says:

When Phil first mentioned this, I started playing around with the time so I could see the different backgrounds. Anytime there's a gradient, the banding is there. Solid colors don't show it.

Like Saneless though, I never noticed how it looked before so i defer to the man who knows what he's talking about.

fwiw, I'm still on 2.1 and at sunset, with that wallpaper, I get all kinds of banding and strange gradients. Someone is going to have to compare this wallpaper on 2.1 and 2.2, side by side, before we're going to have a definitive answer.

Yeah, it's possible I just never noticed, but that'd be kinda surprising.

The weird thing is after looking closely I could see both horizontal and vertical bands of some kind. it actually looks pretty bad. I'd never really noticed how bad it was until you posted this:D

again I'm referring to this wallpaper on 2.1

estebancam says:

Wait, so color reproduction got worse with 2.2? Is that the story here?

BDHN1 says:

No one's quite sure yet. If someone gets a shot of the two phones side by side, we might have a better idea. Gotta reckon someone is on that already.

Lieutenant says:

im pretty sure it's the same, and you're just seeing things.

As a photographer and graphic designer I notice image compression and banding all the time. And I can guarantee this has been an issue on the N1 before 2.2.

stalker says:

Hello guys,

Just have a few question. I am located in india and have a nexus one non-rooted and unlocked version. I want froyo update on it but I am not able to get OTA update though update option. I’ve few question.

after installing this update manually, does my N1 converted to non-rooted?
what about warranty?
what is the difference between this update and the public update when it will be available?
can I switch back to the 2.1 after installing this upgrade ?
and what happen after dialing *#*#2432546#*# ? is it harmful?

odoketa says:

Take a look at the X when you reboot. I manually updated my Nexus last night, and thought 'that's weird - coulda sworn the colors were smoother on that'. I wonder if there is a 16/24 problem happening...