Samsung Galaxy S4 screenshot

If there’s a screen on a Samsung Galaxy S4 that you need to save or share, it’s very easy to capture it.

  1. Open the screen you’d like to capture. 
  2. Press and hold the standby key on the right side and the home button at the same time. Wait for the border around the screen to flash white. 

The image will then be saved to your device. You can quickly access it by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the image in the notification tray. You can also delete, edit, or share the screenshots thanks to helpful shortcuts there.

Samsung Galaxy S4 screenshot

If you're feeling fancy, you can also use a palm swipe to capture the screen. Just put the outside edge of your hand against the screen and wipe it from one side to the other, like so. You'll have to make sure that Palm motion is enabled under Settings > My Device > Motions and gestures. 

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 with palm wipe

If you're having any problems or extra questions, sing out in the comments!

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mmark27 says:

Hand swipe gesture is faster, IMO. And less of chance to go home or turn off the screen.

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rahulpop1 says:

It doesn't work everytime for me. . :-(

rahulpop1 says:

2 buttons does work. But gesture doesn't work everytime for me.

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Do you have a case on it? I find with a case it doesn't work as well if the case sits up over the edges of the phone.

robrrtp says:

Yep. And the 2 button technique doesn't work on mine.

twolastnames says:

You gotta press at the exact same time. Not kinda the same time. Once you get one to take you'll see what I mean.


Marvin-13 says:

That's where the *ahem* better button placement of the HTC One comes in handy. You can either use the standby+home button technique (weird, it should work for you too, maybe you're not pressing them exactly at the same time and you also gotta hold it until it takes the screenshot) or the standby+volume button technique which is very easy to do while driving. And no, I don't text while driving.

tafari06 says:

The two button feature works flawlessly for me. Can't get any easier.

Kayone73 says:

I don't know how many times I've accidentally taken screenshots on my GS3 wiping smudges off my screen sideways.

whaddupdoe says:

I like the hand swipe across the screen better!!!!

rj160202 says:

Only 9 months late on this post. No worries

2014 Resolution... More Help and How To Content on Android Central. Lots of catching up to do. So deal!! :) 

Will be up much faster as the next "new" devices hit.

unglued94ta says:

I figured this was the case. Good resolution AC.

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Man if only they had a forum for all these helpful tips...

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roidfab0920 says:

Hand swipe is sooo better.

TheMimic12 says:

Since this is still an android device, shouldn't power and volume down work as well?

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unglued94ta says:

Not on touchwiz devices.

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Hr Munk says:

? Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S4, it's the same. standby and home button, i use it a lot on my S2.

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cowboys2000 says:

I moved from a Galaxy Nexus to an S3 to S4 since August. I have been trying the power button/volume down to no avail.

I have never read the manual for the S3 or S4 .... but then again I don't really take screen shots of my phone so It wasn't a big deal!

helbertpina says:

So... no news, huh?

What is this, an article for noobs?

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Yes. Enjoy.

unglued94ta says:


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xlDeMoNiClx says:

You should pay attention then.

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This was probably posted for those who turn off gesture to save battery and is an alternative way to screenshot. (For those who dont know or first time with android).

Tid bit info is always nice, reminds non android users that there is always a different way of doing things with android devices.


cowboys2000 says:

I turned off gestures on day 1......

Uhhhhh guys... This phone came out last year.. Interesting how the screenshot method is the same as the iPhone's though instead of the Android standard. Very interesting indeed.

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twolastnames says:

It's not really interesting. The home button is easier to hit that volume down.


webbie2 says:

This phone came out in May and you are just posting now. I think its the same from the att s2? or at least a close combo.

MartyDel says:

Me likey

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Qoheleth says:

FYI, this works on the Galaxy Note 3 as well.

It works with all TouchWiz devices. :)

dratsablive says:

On the GPE edition you have to use the standard Volume Power combo

hodan says:

I LOVE this site, between Phil's old school journalism to Jerry's rants... But, in my opinion, this is not worth a post. Maybe a forum topic...

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Why, I can do this without the side button, just perter in right pocket and it snaps dozens of interesting pages. Why, it even distracts people in meetings if the speaker is droning on and on.. I'd say it takes em' better this way than when I am doing so with a purpose.

ScottieG59 says:

It took a couple tries, but it also worked on my Samsung Note 3.

Thanks for the info. I've looked for a way to add this function only to now see, the capability was already there.

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clietreo says:

These kind of tips are a good thing. Yes, I already knew this one. However, there's always ones I dont.

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fouuuu says:

I can not capture the screen neither by holding down the home button and the power button at the same time, and I tried this many times, or by palm swipe. Actually, when I go to palm motion in the settings, I don't see the " screen capture" option. Please need your help !!

Gigatech07 says:

I used this screenshot tutorial to capture screenshot on my samsung galaxy s4 and i have also created a guide on it at

HSAM says:

Thank you It worked!

Thank you It worked!

axllebeer says:

I'm way late on this one,, but the palm swipe option is nonexistent for my mini. What gives?

Queentrin says:

Not one time in 6 months of trying has either the side swipe more the home and lock button method worked. Not one time. Tmo says my phone is fine. Wants to charge me hundreds for a new phone. I gave up.

Abbi Snee says:

Anybody ever have the problem of the screen disappearing/exiting into the multi-window view of open apps when they try to screen shot using the home and side button option? I'm stuck using hand swipe because mine suddenly started exiting the screen when I try.

Darryl_B says:

The swipe works 100% easier and better than the buttons for me....

AnnDav says:

I'm having trouble - both the methods above won't work for me. The first - the phone keeps turning off. The palm seep won't work even though i have this switched on.
I have to do a screen capture to send for a problem with the phone battery and get warrantee action.
Would really appreciate your help

AnnDav says:

I just read one of the tutorials given by someone above. The palm sweep worked!! What's missing from your explanation is that the side of the palm has to remain in contact with the screen.