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Whether you're giving someone a tutorial or just need to send off a quick picture, Chrome OS makes taking screenshots simple.

Android Central UniversityThere are plenty of reasons why you'd need to take a screenshot on any operating system, and Chrome OS is no different. Luckily Google has included comprehensive support for the function in Chrome OS, and with just a few easy keystrokes you can take and manage screenshots on your Chromebook.

Your Chromebook offers full-screen and limited selection screenshots, as well as quick and easy access to the files including the ability to copy screenshots directly to your clipboard. Read along and learn a few quick tips on how to take and manage screenshots on your Chromebook.

Simple full-screen screenshot

Chromebook keyboard

If you simply want to capture a still image of your entire screen, hold the "control" (ctrl) key and press the window switching key (f5, above the 6 key, shown above). You'll notice a notification pop up in the notification tray indicating a screenshot was captured. You can click the notification to open up the default directory for screenshots, or click the bottom portion of the notification to simply copy the .png file to your clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Limited selection screenshot

Chromebook screenshot selection

If you'd prefer instead to just capture a small portion of your screen, you don't need to take a full screenshot and then crop it after the fact. Instead, just hold down the "shift" key when making a screenshot, and you'll notice your cursor turn into a "+" sign — click and drag over the area you want to take a screenshot off, release the click and it will be captured and saved the same way as the full-screen screenshot was.

Working with your screenshots

Chromebook screenshots

By default, whenever you capture a screenshot it will be placed in your "Downloads" folder. Screenshots are taken in the universally-accepted .png format, which can be manipulated in any way you would change or edit any other photo. Open them, crop them, send them and save them wherever you need your screenshots. Be sure to drag them out of Downloads and into Google Drive if you'd like to have an off-site backup as well.


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How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook


Oh my god it does? Well I guess I better go sell my Chromebook. Maybe I can pick up a Sony laptop running Windows 8 like my wife has. Yeah, it cost 3 times as much, is slower at the things I actually do, and crashes weekly, but at least it doesn't "suck".

Look Windows 8 rarely crashes. Plus some models are very fast. Chromebook is just good for the internet. If you want more, it sucks.
Edit: In fact it's actually Windows 8.1 now.
Posted via Android Central App

Tell that to my wife. I swear, her damn laptop crashes weekly. Just yesterday it crashed and "couldn't find the operating system" (2 restarts fixed that). She's barely put anything on it, and the crashes happen during light web browsing, with both Firefox and Chrome. Maybe it's a Sony problem, maybe it's a Win8.1 problem. All I know is my Samsung Chromebook, which cost less than 1/3 of what her Sony did, has been literally problem free. Is her Sony more capable? Of course it is.. but what does that matter, when most of what we both do is web-browser-based? It's like commuting to work in a Dump Truck, extra capability that will never be used.

On the bright side, whenever her computer updates (which happens when she's trying to start the laptop and, y'know, do things) it gives her a nice 10-15 minutes to think about how "awesome" Windows is. When my chromebook updates, it doesn't even give me time to get a glass of water. Yay Windows.

I understand. That happened to me when I used Chrome, too. Now I use Internet Explorer. I know its had a bad rep, but Internet Explorer 11 is fine. You may also have registry errors. I use AVG QuickTune to fix that. Also, CCleaner helps, too, as well as Adwcleaner. Usually, most people click the "recommended" button when installing things. Don't do that. Click custom or advanced, because then you can uncheck the boxes that will install toolbars and crap. It could also be Sony. If you are rough with the laptop, the fragile hard disk may become corrupt. Your master boot record might also be messed up.
And the reason why Windows takes long to update is because it creates a backup of your system in case of problems, moves older versions of files to a special place called WinSxS so that applications still work, and then it configures everything. Windows Update doesn't just add files or modify files because other programs might get screwed-up.
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Registry Errors, AVG, CCleaner, ADWclearner... I remember having to use all that. Now I don't have to. Again, I fully understand that a Windows laptop is more capable. But for my usage, a Chromebook just works better. I don't have to worry about viruses, adware, spyware, registry problems or any of that. I turn on my laptop, do things, and turn it off. Updates take about 10 seconds. I can go from completely powered off to logged in and attending an online seminar in less than one minute (I timed it). It's damn nice, and there's no way I would voluntarily go back to Windows.

But tone84 above you said it sucks. How dare you like something that he thinks sucks.

My AC App signature lacks a witty comment.

You know, I actually didn't know this one. I had actually installed the snagit chrome extension to do kind of the same thing. This is a huge help.

I'm all for Chromebooks and I have gotten several of my friends and family on them and we haven't touched Winblows since.
From my Note 2 to you