Android users everywhere are all talking about Ingress. It's a cool location based MMO sci-fi game where you secure portals to help alter the course of human history. The back story is all at the Niantic Project website, and it's quite the puzzle itself to get it all sorted. The short version -- it's fun, it gets you exploring, and it's addictive.

It's also invite-only for now, and that's always a bummer. There's a couple ways to get an invite. The first way is to sign up for one at the Ingress portal site. They're metering them out, but that's where most people that are playing today got theirs. 

The second way is to jump on Google+ and add these four folks from Niantic to your circles:

Read what they post, because they are the people who can override things and hand out invites -- and they often do. Try to catch their eye with cool artwork or stories with an Ingress theme, and mark your post with the #ingressinvite hashtag, and maybe even mention them so your post gets seen.

Finally, you can get an invite from a friend who has scored a handful from the game. Word is that you can get invites to pass out once you reach a certain level (between 2 and 3) but nobody is 100-percent sure. 

What I am 100-percent sure of is that I don't have any. Instead of pummeling my inbox for one, try the tactics above. It's fun enough to work for.

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dietrichmd says:

Actually, I got in w/o an invite just today. I signed up for the invite on the website, then went to the play store and downloaded the app. Once setup, I opened it and it asked if I was ok with permissions and whatnot...then I was in.

Channan says:

You need an activation code.

j_grouchy says:

Not sure what the point of the "activation code" is...I got one, but the game never asked for it.

nickyb96 says:

Have you already given away your code?

Grimthang says:

nah when u dont have a code yet the app asks for a activation code (had it myself) but as soon as u get the code u dont even have to enter it, its activated automaticly

feenix3k says:

If you get an email for Ingress on your Google email account, the activation code is linked with your Google account. That's why you did not have to enter it.

Need an invite
Would really appreciate one

bigbill25 says:

I'm just a few points away from level 4 and have never been told I have invites to give out...

belogical says:

Yeah, I am on level 5 and still no invites. This game is addicting by the way :) Be careful what u wish for!

bumpysig says:

Almost level 5 and no invites to dole out.

If you have anymore, I would gladly take one :)

PWC Realtor says:

Since I only found out about the game from the podcast yesterday (yes I live under a rock) I singed up on the Ingress site so am hopefully in queue (but if anyone has an invite I'd appreciate it :) )

The Shag says:


Hi can please sent me the invitation for this Game

Emicfate says:

Level 5 and I dont have any invites to give out yet.

Johnly says:

Hail Hildenbrand...

dubdrop says:

Almost to level 3 and no invites to give.

ayg says:

I received an activation code early the week of Thanksgiving, downloaded it, signed it and haven't reopened it. I apologize for be being a horrible user. The demo showing you how to use it looked cool though!

nakunz says:

Would love an invite to this. Signed up a week ago.

This actually looks like it could be a lot of fun. I could
who am I kidding, I'm old
have fun, guys!

Raptor007 says:

I followed Jerry's instructions and hopefully I will see an invite at some point soon.

glazedfaith says:

I signed up on the website and had an invite in a few hours. Not sure what everyone else's problem is. Maybe I'm just that awesome.

I followed the instructions and I am now in the fight.

i got an invite and then went to install the app and found it is not available in my country :(

Mike Everett says:

Can I have it? I will return it when it is available in your country. Please?

"Word is that you can get invites to pass out once you reach a certain level (between 2 and 3) "

level 5 and a half for over a week and no invites to give out sooo yeah that doesnt seem to be the norm.

Blaksmyth says:

Still trying to get one of these invite codes.

Tim May says:

Is it possible to get this app on iPhone? At all?

It's not available for iOS right now, but probably will be in the future.

Ameer7 says:

@Hidden Phantom it is not meant to be available in Australia or New Zealand, but I downloaded the .apk and it works fine.

locaeapp says:

Guys, try ours. Also global, augmented reality and doesn't require invitation:


Thug life


I want activation code for ingress please :(

I'm need code Activation ingress plase contact send code at

blogsaays says:

Golden opportunity to get #AugmentedReality Game #INGRESS on #android, #IngressInvite Giveaway

Bloodyloca says:

Does any one have an extra invite

Bloodyloca says:

Does any one have an extra invite

Hacen Dadda says:

any invitation PLZ

savioscott says:

Almost a month and no code yet ... please!

Drax Aks says:

Please someone sent me an extra invitation.
Here my email :

MirceA Laza says:

Who have an activation code,please send me the invitation at Lot of Thanks!!

Bob Bowden says:

Brit in Barcelona, seeking invite. Likes : Long walks on beaches in the rain, the smell of mothballs and enjoys cooking TV meals ;)

Muchas gracias amigos

Kelly Kin says:

Can someone give me an ingress code or an invite? I downloaded it a week ago and still haven't gotten my code!!!

Srna Srogo says:

Here you have a link where you can download ingress keygen . It generate your own code I was looking for this code few days and friend gave me this link Try this. See you in game :D

Greeting members of The Resistance I am looking for a invite to join you in the fight! Let us expand and conquer! #resistance #ingress

Greeting members of The Resistance I am looking for a invite to join you in the fight! Let us expand and conquer! #resistance #ingress

Exodys says:

Please, can anyone send me activation code??
ps. i looking for it a long time..
Please... and Thanks :)