Android users everywhere are all talking about Ingress. It's a cool location based MMO sci-fi game where you secure portals to help alter the course of human history. The back story is all at the Niantic Project website, and it's quite the puzzle itself to get it all sorted. The short version -- it's fun, it gets you exploring, and it's addictive.

It's also invite-only for now, and that's always a bummer. There's a couple ways to get an invite. The first way is to sign up for one at the Ingress portal site. They're metering them out, but that's where most people that are playing today got theirs. 

The second way is to jump on Google+ and add these four folks from Niantic to your circles:

Read what they post, because they are the people who can override things and hand out invites -- and they often do. Try to catch their eye with cool artwork or stories with an Ingress theme, and mark your post with the #ingressinvite hashtag, and maybe even mention them so your post gets seen.

Finally, you can get an invite from a friend who has scored a handful from the game. Word is that you can get invites to pass out once you reach a certain level (between 2 and 3) but nobody is 100-percent sure. 

What I am 100-percent sure of is that I don't have any. Instead of pummeling my inbox for one, try the tactics above. It's fun enough to work for.

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How to score an Ingress invite


Actually, I got in w/o an invite just today. I signed up for the invite on the website, then went to the play store and downloaded the app. Once setup, I opened it and it asked if I was ok with permissions and whatnot...then I was in.

nah when u dont have a code yet the app asks for a activation code (had it myself) but as soon as u get the code u dont even have to enter it, its activated automaticly

If you get an email for Ingress on your Google email account, the activation code is linked with your Google account. That's why you did not have to enter it.

Yeah, I am on level 5 and still no invites. This game is addicting by the way :) Be careful what u wish for!

Since I only found out about the game from the podcast yesterday (yes I live under a rock) I singed up on the Ingress site so am hopefully in queue (but if anyone has an invite I'd appreciate it :) )

I received an activation code early the week of Thanksgiving, downloaded it, signed it and haven't reopened it. I apologize for be being a horrible user. The demo showing you how to use it looked cool though!

I signed up on the website and had an invite in a few hours. Not sure what everyone else's problem is. Maybe I'm just that awesome.

"Word is that you can get invites to pass out once you reach a certain level (between 2 and 3) "

level 5 and a half for over a week and no invites to give out sooo yeah that doesnt seem to be the norm.

@Hidden Phantom it is not meant to be available in Australia or New Zealand, but I downloaded the .apk and it works fine.

Can someone give me an ingress code or an invite? I downloaded it a week ago and still haven't gotten my code!!!