Motorola Atrix

With Gingerbread having now been out for a while on the Motorola Atrix, we're sure some of you out there may have already dived right into rooting it. For those of you who wanted to give the stock update a try though, the good news is you can still root your Motorola Atrix any time you want. If that is indeed the case, then we have just what you are looking for in order to make that happen. Just head on into the Android Central forums to get started.

Source: RootzWiki; via: Android Central Forums


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How to root your stock AT&T 4.5.91 Motorola Atrix


It takes a bit more work than the gingerbreak one click root but it is not very hard. The directions can more or less be copy pasted into the command window and boom you are done.

It was a life saver for me because less than 24 hours later my internet at home went wonky so I was my WiFi tethering for about the 1-2 hours for it to sort itself out.
AT&T fakeG is fast enough for web surfing so it looked almost like I was on my 15 Mbit broad band at home.