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Facebook tonight announced its "Places" feature, wherein it allows you to directly "check in" at any location, without the use of a third-party app to do so. And that's fine. And it also lets your friends check in for you, which is not so fine. The good news is that the first time someone does this, you'll get an e-mail asking if it's OK and if you want to allow people to check you in in the future. It's currently available in the updated iOS app, say our pals at TiPb, and at touch.facebook.com if your browser supports HTML5 and geolocation -- two things Google's made a big deal of in its mobile browser technology -- and it's safe to assume it'll be coming to the Android Facebook app at some point.

Me? I'm not taking any chances. (And, quite frankly, if you're in the same place as me, you're incriminating yourself just as much.) You can disable that "feature" now by going into your privacy settings. Hit the "customize" link, scroll down to the "things other share" section, and disable the "Friends can check me into places" feature."

Last time my friends checked me into somewhere, I woke up in a padded room with a single light bulb and a bunch of ink blots. Never again, folks. Never again. [Facebook]


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How to keep your friends from checking you in on Facebook


Still not available on the touch site:( ...or at least I don't see it on my Evo or in Chrome when I go to touch.facebook.com

Same for me. Hopefully they update the touch.facebook site soon. I keep seeing people post articles about the touch.fb site but it doesn't even have places yet. Shame that iphone users get to use it before everyone else.

Facebook doing geolocation. Meh, it's OK, I suppose. As popular as Foursquare is, I'm sure having this be a native FB thing will make more people use it if they are able to.

Facebook allowing your friends to check you in? Not so cool. This function is disabled on my profile. When I check in someplace on Foursquare or FB, it will be because I want to.

I don't use Facebook, or any of that other social networking BS. However, as my kids get older and get more interested in this stuff (where did I go wrong?) I'm paying more attention when these things make the headlines. Facebook in particular seems to be one brain fart after another when it comes to adding new features and/or default settings. Considering the brainpower required to develop these systems, the lack of common sense to go with it is almost unbelievable.

Google add search doc/mail capabilities to Gmail

Today, Google posted a quick note to let everyone know about a new “labs” search feature that is available to all Gmail users. The new feature will make the default Gmail search textbox query all your Gmail and Google Docs simultaneously. As Google describes, “Once you enable it from the Gmail Labs tab under Settings, the ‘Search Mail’ button in Gmail will say ‘Search Mail and Docs’ instead, and your search results will include matching documents and sites in addition to email messages.” This seems like a pretty handy feature for those of who are heavily invested in the Google Apps world and have a plethora of Google Docs.

thanks. i don't want anyone knowing my moves and location. it seems like it's an endless battle vs. Facebook to keep my privacy.

using Chrome on PC go to Facebook.com (full site) and log in and then go to Account---->Privacy Settings----->Customize Settings and change these 2 things to -

Things I share
1. Places I check in - ONLY ME
Things others share
2. Friends can check me into Places - DISABLED

[tinfoil hat]
The whole idea of "checking in" seems incomprehensible to this aging hippy. Why would anyone want to do this oneself, let alone allow someone else to do it for you?

Must be a generational thing. I'm paranoid enough about how easy it is for a company trying to track me, my habits, and preferences without voluntarily aiding the process.

(Off to clear my cookie cache and google search history. Again.)
[/tinfoil hat]

HMM. sounds like nutcase alex jones listeners to me. so, where's this police state? he's been preaching about it for about 10 years, fear mongering and all. now watch any of his supporters call me COINTELPRO or disinformation agent. haha !

I'm not seeing it on the touch site. Why didn't they update the Android app too? Is anyone else seeing it at touch.facebook.com?

Thank you for the tip. I hate how Facebook forces this shit on us. If it wasn't for family overseas, I'd delete my FB account.

I keep my fb profile safe by being responsible. I am wondering if any of you people posting about all of the privacy concerns use the US Mail? Do you have a mailbox outside your front door or at the curb? I could get a lot mor personal info there than on a site like fb!