The most exciting aspect of the HTC Hero has to be the HTC Sense UI, it's jaw droppingly beautiful and offers a completely brand new experience for Android. We've been watching any video that featured the HTC Sense and have been hoping to see it on other Android devices in the future. And though we were disappointed when we heard that neither the G1 or myTouch 3G will be receiving the Sense UI, we didn't give up hope. We were pretty certain that the wonderful users over at xda developer forum would cook up something usable for us.

And boy they have! Head on over to see the detailed instructions on how to port the Sense UI onto your T-Mobile G1. It's rather intensive and obviously risky, but the joys of using Sense may be worth it. We're highly contemplating fixing this one up on our G1. Did anyone do this to their G1 yet? How do you like it?

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How To Install HTC Hero's Sense UI to T-Mobile G1


I did not attempt the upgrade to the Rosie/Sense UI for a few reasons, mainly due to the fact that installing the "Danger" SPL required is risky with reports of people bricking their phones despite following the instructions carefully and BT/LED notifications not working. I do hope HTC will release Sense for the Roger/Singtel Dreams in the future as they are not Google branded devices but I'm not putting too much hope into that. The G1 just does not have the hardware resource necessary to run Sense without some heavy mods with swap files, apps on sdcards, and overclocking.

The other alternative of course is to get one of the Hero'ish themes from XDA. Not exactly Sense UI but it's better than nothing.

Hmmmm... this is very tempting. I really luv the sense UI on the HTC Hero but i'm not sure if i want to risk trying to get it on my G1. Maybe some people have already tried it and it may have worked or not.
LMK how it worked any 1.

It's relatively fast if set up right especially with the latest JACHero builds. Probably not as fast as some builds like Cyanogen's modified JF ROM but it's usable at the very least. For me, the lack of BT and LED notifications is a big thumbs down so I won't be risking the Hero builds until both features are working. To those who are keen on attempting this, do remember this: read, reread and READ all the steps multiple times and go through all the threads before even thinking of flashing any Hero builds. There are sequence of flashing that you must follow correctly (i.e. radio upgrade before SPL), hardware requirements (PVT board and not DVT) and other stuff that have to be followed precisely lest you risk getting an expensive brick.

It has come along way since the first release, "Unwatermarked" Hero by Haykuro release a few months back. I have tested ALL the releases and found that it is very stable and extreamly fast thanks to the great work from developers like justanothercrowed, drizzydrake, ccyrowski and with some great implementations from cyanogen and LucidRem, who have in a rare move joined forces to work on one release and due to that have made great strides in providing a very fast and stable Hero ROM (JACHeroski). The use of 3 partitions on the sdcard (fat32, ext3 and Linux swap) have made things run smooth. Using a Linux swap partition gives the phone added RAM which the G1 lacks to run Hero. With all the great work on getting Hero running on a G1, there is still some bugs that keep me from using, the lack of Bluetooth is a huge problem and the lack of Led's. Other than that you should go and give it a try, especially if your in the U.S since Hero has no release date or plans to come to Tmo phones anytime soon!

I love it. As has been stated, its come a long way since the first ROM released. it's usable for everyday use.

As they said...main problems is BT and LED notifications, which doesn't bother me too much.

But it's only a matter of time before they come out with a fixed ROM for that too. it's absolutely amazing. I couldn't imagine my Android experience without it.

Only other thing I would want is the Rachel Android OS.

Since the first release it has come a long way but still not the best... I'm hoping someone will write a rosie apk that the g1 and mytouch can support without having to switch to the Hero ROMs... I much prefer the JF builds because they are a lot more stable

I'm posting this from my G1 w/Jacheroski''s 2.7.4 release with Rosie. Sure I've had a few restless nights wondering if I did the right steps upgrading the radio and SPL and exploring the xda forums for bug fixes can be fun too. But all said and done, its great to be using Rosie. The stock G1 just won't be the same without it anymore. To anyone wanting to get Rosie on their G1, xda developers has everything you'll need to root (jailbreak) and flash all sorts of different Roms. Happy flashing!

Unless you physically break something, it is impossible to "brick" a G1 by flashing ROMs. If you've heard of someone doing or claim to have done it yourself, then you or "your friend" didn't re-flash correctly.

Second, you don't need the danger spl to flash HERO.

So, why not try it?

I did and it's great!

Actually you do need Haykuro's SPL to get Hero with Rosie/Sense UI, at the very least JACHeroski which is currently the most stable build, due to the size of the ROMs. The posters above are right. If you bothered to check XDA, you would've known that there people who have PVT boards, the proper radio and yet still bricked their phones. That includes people who flashed successfully multiple times before getting one odd brick.

There IS one way to brick the G1 and that's by flashing the SPL before the radio upgrade. So far there's no solution for that and it is unlikely without using jtag cable or pandora hacks.

A simple search on the dev forum would've given you this thread :)

FYI people the Hero builds are working with stock G1-like performance! so pretty close to really good... LED's are working decently but not yet BT...

hey is there n e one to get the the Ui to work on the Mytouch? or do you know if the htc hero will work on the tmobile network? if u know how to do it please email me and let me know

hey is there n e one to get the the Ui to work on the Mytouch? or do you know if the htc hero will work on the tmobile network? if u know how to do it please email me and let me know