Getting your Apple based music onto your Android device need not be a chore

If you've been a long time user of an iPod, iPhone or iPad there's a good chance that the majority of your digital music collection is tied up inside iTunes. If you're moving on to pastures new with an Android device in your hand you're going to want to be able to listen to your music. While there is no iTunes for Android, there are actually a few different ways for you to get your groove on.

We've singled out three methods in particular to look at, and we'll take you through them after the break.


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How to get your iTunes music onto Android


?? Google Play Music All Access is the best Streaming service hands down, way better selection than spotify, its almost like having iTunes except instead of buying the songs you can listen to every single one in the library and if you want you can still listen to your purchased content without having to use a seperate app.

Move to the US then hahha, who wants to live in Canada lol, its cold as shit in Canada anyway

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Are you being serious? Have you ever been to Canada? It's literally across the border from North Dakota and Buffalo, and a bunch of other states. Do you think it suddenly drops in temperature when you cross the border?? Canada has warmer and colder spots. Like the US.

Agreed. I used Google Play for a while and recently returned to spotify. I prefer it. I like the discovery features more. Plus I need a desktop app with offline access.

Google Play Music is on of the best optione for those with limited storage. I for one, only have a 16 GB nexus 5. My entire iTunes library is in Google's cloud, but I pin the music I listen to most and have it saved locally on my device. I love Play Music's simplicity

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iTunes is the biggest digital media store on the planet. It has nothing to do with an "Apple Cult" since you can buy and use content from it without owning a single Apple device.

LOL! how true! I was using iTunes for years before there was any such thing as iphones or ipads! It's so funny how there are people that do not realize that! I think there are folks in the African bush that know about iTunes! hahaha

Now you're getting closer to my confusion. I haven't converted to Adroid, but my new phone comes this week- I have iTunes on my windows laptop, and I'll still have my ipod shuffle, soo.... now I've got myself all confused and headed towards panic again. I'm excited about the phone abilities- scared to death my iTunes library is going to be lost somewhere in hyper space when my plan changes.

Actually, Google Play is Google's version of iTunes. iTunes opened on April 28, 2003; Google Play was only launched (as Android Market) on August 28, 2008.

technically, it was founded in 1999, as soundjam mp, later purchased by apple in 2000. itunes first revision was in 2001, to be followed by the first ipod later that year.

Fuck off you know damn well what iTunes is, you "I don't know what Apple is" faker

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Easy phone sync (The blue one) if you have a galaxy device. Super easy to sync iTunes playlists to your phone and syncs more than just music.

Another +1 for iSyncr! I use the Mac version and have never had an issue. It's the best solution for iTunes and Android that I have found. I used doubletwist for a while when I first got an android phone, but found it to be really slow and clunky. iSyncr is faster and more reliable for me.

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I HIGHLY recommend iSyncr! I have used this app forever and never had an big issue with it. The one time I had a problem, I filled out the support form and the developer helped me fix the problem! Definitely worth the money!

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+1 iSyncr is easy to use and has wifi capabilities so that you don't actually have to 'plug' in your phone to the pc.

Yes! I've been using iSyncr since my first Android phone (HTC EVO), I love the fact that is also syncs playcounts and last played date since I have playlists based on those criteria.

It's sometimes buggy for me when doing it over USB, something to do with MTP. The wireless syncing is flawless (and fast).

Does GPM allow for keeping the music in playlist as uploaded? Or is it just a long list of songs? Grouped in Google selected genres? Does anyone know? I am using spotify at the moment and would like to know how this compares.

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Not sure about the playlists but it probably does. But I know for sure PM keeps whatever genre the song was under before. It doesn't relabel the genres

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If you are syncing with iTunes then it uploads any static playlists and will update them as you add music to the playlist. It will ignore smart playlists. It will also upload music information such as star ratings. Unfortunately if you delete songs from a playlist or change any song info after it is uploaded Google Play will not make the changes. At least not automatically. The solution is to delete the playlists in Google Play Music and then do another scan and it will upload the list again as new. Not the best solution, but the lists upload fast anyways.

Are you sure? You mean the paid service isn't available? Whatever the case, you can certainly at least upload your 20,000 songs into the cloud for free..

The paid service definitely isn't available, but the Standard service which allows music cloud storage isn't available either. Any attempt to access it redirects to the same "The Google Play music player is currently available in select territories" webpage. Not sure if that means it's not available anywhere in Canada, but it's not available where I live or in any major Canadian city.

If your using an Xperia device, Xperia Transfer PC software does an excellent job.

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I use iSyncr. The USB version is free but I paid $4 for the wifi version. It is RIDICULOUSLY easy to use. I love it. Whenever I update my itunes playlists I hit "sync" on my phone and it's done.

Because of the reviews, I was a little reluctant to purchase AirSync, but it works great. It's much easier to transfer music from Mac to Android than my previous manual method.

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Google Play Music is great. I just wish you could export/download your playlist from there. Even if it's just the songs I own. I have a MotoActv and want the playlist I have made in GPM on it, but can't get it out of the cloud.

Never said that after you get it in the cloud you could pin it to your device. A first time user or new convert would need to know.

Anyone remember Audiogalaxy? It was a great little app. It could point to your music, and make it available for you to stream. I think they got bought out and shut down by Dropbox.

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Yeah. When you could just click the dish and it would download it for free. Almost better than Napster back in the day.

Over there years, I've ripped all my CDs in Apple Lossless and of course you can't use that codec outside of Apple devices. Now I guess I'll have to find a way to get them in FLAC since I listen to music on the go with Andoid gear now. Anyone know a good conversation application for OS X?

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Wanted to correct this article a little. The version of DoubleTwist shown here is an earlier version, DoubleTwist has since rebranded themselves DoubleTwist Sync and supports Wireless Sync, MTP and USB Mass Storage. MTP is definitely supported because I use it to sync my iTunes library with my G2 and Nexus 7 for when I can't use Google Play Music.

This there a way to transfer music that you have purchased through ITunes to your phone. Purchased music seems to no transfer and play.

I tried Double Twist, but it seems to mess up the whole folder structure. I like to keep my music in neat folders per album. After the sync this strucure is messed up on my Galaxy S3. I prefer an option with more manual control, as in copy paste. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S3 does not connect through mass storage with my Macbook, I use Airsync at the moment.

Having a macbook and an iPhone was the perfect combo for my music library but as i've moved away from iPhones and now have the LG G2, I discovered two ways to transfer my music 1) using the Wifi File Transfer App. Ok, it bypasses iTunes completely and uses my music folders instead (much like the USB connection method) but it's quick and wireless. 2 Upload my existing music to my Amazon MP3 cloud. I tend to buy most of my new music from Amazon MP3 (as it's cheaper), so this has become my preferred choice.

iSyncr works for me

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just use easysynctransfer from the play store and on the computer
transfers playlists, etc
and i use google music to play the songs

I transferred a lot of my music back when Amazon Cloud Player didn't impose a limit on how many songs one can upload for free. The Amazon Cloud Player App for Android has really gone down in quality, IMO, in the last couple of months. I'll have all my bars or even have a GREAT Wi-Fi signal and songs will buffer for minutes or I will access the song one way and it won't play, access it in a different area and it starts right up. Also a lot of the cover art is just plain wrong for a lot of my music. *sigh* I stick with them because I'm paying for the service and they have the vast majority of my music.

Another +1 for iSyncr, Richard look into this amazing app, it deserves some more awareness, here's why I like it so much. Ever since I first used iTunes to play my music (years before I owned my first Android device) I became OCD when it came to music playcounts.

What my most played songs are, is actually an important statistic to me (I know many or perhaps most would not care). Using iSyncr with RocketPlayer music app (made by the same person who created iSyncr), I can sync my playcounts from my Nexus 5 back to my Windows PC iTunes program, keeping my OCD sated.

iSyncr has shortcut that you can put on your homescreen and with a single touch all my playcounts will be synced back to my PC and any new songs that I have on my PC iTunes program will be placed onto my Nexus 5 all via WIFI, no plugging in necessary! Its a great app, and the only easy way that I've found to sync your playcounts back to your PC.

I'm OCD with that stuff too, that's why I love iSyncr and have some smart playlists using criteria like play counts and last played date.

I used to even more OCD about it...if I fell asleep with music on, I would decrement the play counts for the songs I didn't hear, then listen again to keep the last played date accurate :P

What about going from s4 or s3 to a new s5?
For example I am going from an s4 to s5
All music and pics are stored on my media card so no issue there
But how do I transfer all my apps, and phone settings(ringtones, background,app icon locations)?
Also I've noticed if I have to move my pictures to another sd card when I look at the pictures in gallery they are out of order.

Ok...I just switched from my iPhone to an S5...NONE of my music, which I transferred from the iTunes library using the samsung easy sync....Will not play, because they are all Apple Lossless....Now that they are on my phone, is there a player that will play them, or do I need a converter of some sort....These are my files ripped from CD's...


Hi, I recently moved from IPhone 4 to Samsung S5, however my pc with my iTunes account on died, is there anyway I can transfer my music from my iPhone to the Samsung S5, without having to go through iTunes??? Would really love some help on this, thanks!!

I used Web PC Suite which is a very convenient way to connect your android and your PC. Goodbye Apple, loving the google/android world. I love being able to customize everything.

I like my playlists as they are, so I use double twist. Thing is, double twist likes to not transfer all of my songs and crash alot. not into the cloud thing either, I have a pretty big library which is always on random. any suggestions?

Do you need a good music player for Mac? I'm using Macgo Mac Media player, which can play music smoothly for free. Besides, it can support almost all media categories and formats, including DVD, VideoCD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc. It can play musics on MacBook Air, Pro, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro, with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

For putting iTunes videos to my Galaxy S5, I used TuneChef Plus , it's very easy, just load iTunes files, then convert to galaxy format.

I'm totally n ew to gall these new apps but all my music from iPhone synced it to my computer then get the LG tablet and would like my music on that device need something simple any help would be greatly appreciated