Google Now on the Galaxy S4

Google's predictive search app is alive and well on the Galaxy S4 -- and there are a few ways to get to it quickly

On many Android phones with on-screen keys, getting to Google Now -- the excellent predictive/voice-controlled search app in Android 4.1 and above -- is simply a matter of swiping up from the bottom of the screen. It's not quite as simple as that on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, but fear not, there are still a few quick and easy ways to get to the new Google Search app.

  1. At any time, long-press the home key to bring up the task switcher. Then press the "G" icon at the bottom of the screen, in the middle.
  2. Put an app shortcut or widget on your home screen. If you're using Google Now a lot, this lets you open it with a single tap. Using a Google Now widget also lets you see cards without opening up the app.
  3. From the home screen, long-press the menu key. This will launch you straight into the Google Search bar, and you'll see your Google Now cards below recent search results.

Neither of these area quite as quick as a swipe-up gesture, but if you get used to how Google Now works on the Galaxy S4, it's still easy enough to take full advantage of it.

Task switcher Home screen and widget Google Search

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chad_ says:

There's also an app, Home2 Shortcut that lets you remap the double tap home button shortcut from S Voice to Google Now.

bloodbond3 says:

^^ This.

- First disable S Voice's Home Button double-tap from within the app settings
- then install Home2Shortcut
- Set Voice Search or Google as the app to launch on double-tap
- Choose your regular launcher (usually TouchWiz) to be opened on home button push
- Press Close at the bottom or press the Home button
- Choose Home2Shortcut as your default Home

Voilá! You can now double-tap to open Google Now!

KiKoOli1 says:

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Dude you just made my S4 10x better.

ozz101 says:


mlndshh says:

what you can do is install nova or apex launcher and have a swipe up action on the app drawer icon in the dock, really quick that way as well or a general swipe up gesture as well

MachoDonut says:

Yeah I use the swipe up gesture in Nova also. I like using gestures in general.

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

@mlndshh cool idea indeed.

Thanks in Advance

mlndshh says:

MKBHD's idea, not mine ;-)

Ikeman90 says:

Am i the only one who is sick of the s4 howto's. figure out a way to thread it or something geeze!

mlndshh says:

some people need it, and s4 will be bought by a lot of people and they aren't bugging at all

dwhitman says:

I for one am enjoying these short articles as I wait for my VZW S4.

I'm still waiting for "How to get rid of bloatware in S4".

piizzadude says:

The question is, will the long press allow you to set it as the default? I seem to kinda sorta remember that is the way it was on the S3 but it has been so long since I was on stock...

wajd says:

woah! you mean there's android and google products on the samsung phone??! this is the first time i hear of such sorcery, a samsung phone uses android?!?! and google too?! just, noway... seriously, the number of people asking me whats android after they ask me if they should buy an iphone or a samsung and i begin to explain is just stupid.

macarelli00 says:

In the settings you can add apps to the lock screen. If you add the Google search app ti the lock screen, you can just swipe up and go directly to Google Now. It may not work if you have a password or pin to unlock your phone. I haven't tried that.

couldn't you just long press the menu key? I would assume it would be no different than the S3 and Note 2 in that regard.

Use Holo Launcher HD as your launcher. In the settings there's an option to add a permanent google now search bar that stays at the top of all the screens.