Honeycomb Easter Egg

Remember the Easter egg in Gingerbread? There's also one lurking in Honeycomb. Not quite as scary as its Gingerbread counterpart, but no less cool. Thanks, Matt!

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voiceonly says:


iPwn says:

That's pretty awesome looking. It would make for a nice background for my phone or computer.

Hmmmmmm. If only ... Oh, wait. Look at that. Someone went and made Honeycomb wallpapers. :)

Is there a reason it says what is says?

trong says:

Someone make a boot animation out of that please!

icu says:

Am I the only one that thought the awesome Dreamcast game Rez was hidden in Honeycomb? Thought so.

def want that as wallpaper on my X....

bfguns says:

It's TRON! Bad-Ass!

angel35 says:

Its a great wall paper. Its on my incredble.

drdagreenphd says:

looks legit...

Man, I always hated bees. They got me real bad as a kid and it's stuck with me.

cbpagent72 says:

Thats it? Boring, I guess real stories are becoming harder and harder to come by.