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Honeycomb boot animation on Droid X


doesnt need to be flashed. you can take out the from the /data/local folder and paste it in the /system/media folder.
works on my mytouch 4g with gingerbread

Yep...I manually installed this on my Droid 1. It actually looks much smoother on my phone than on the one in the video (why is the animation pausing and jerking like that on a Droid X?)

I <3 Root Explorer.

I have 2.3 right now on my Droid 1 running Ultimate Droid 3.0.1 - - It is *rock solid*, and very fast. The ROM is extremely well polished. Combined with LauncherPro and running at 1ghz (using the Slayher 1.6 kernel), this thing is as fast or faster than many current phones.

I have friends with stock Droid Xs and Droid Incredibles and my Droid 1 is faster at most tasks.

Dont wait for Motorola. Rooooot

So how did you go about using that on the EVO? I have Myn's ROM on my phone, where do i place that file at?

Put the Bootanimation ZIP file in the "media" folder, which is inside the "system" folder. If there is one already in there (and there should be) just delete it or overwrite it.

There was not a file in there by that name, i pasted it in there and rebooted and i get the same boot animation i get with the myn ROM. it must be else where on my phone, i will do some searching for it i guess to see where i find the file at.

Edit:...I found it located here...system/customize/resource

Works great and looks good.