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With yesterday and today being jam packed with news we're sure a lot of you all out there have quite a bit to say about the events. You can catch up on everything here on the blogs and once you do -- make sure you hit the Android Central forums to discuss it all. Anger, Joy, frustation -- we're here for ya!

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Hidden screenshots, Ice Cream Sandwich [From the Forums]


Not officially, but I'd put an hour's pay on the idea that it'll be well supported by CM9. Which is almost better, in my opinion.

What really is the purpose of ICS then? The EVO 4g is a much more robust phone that is designed to handle this update. Why the fragmentation?

Well nothing has been set in stone yet that's for sure. Even if the Evo doesn't get ICS officially, the android community will no doubt step up and provide some ICS love for devices. CyanogenMod9 anyone??