Droid Incredible vs. Nexus One

Now the the Verizon Droid Incredible is out of the bag, it reasons that waiting for the Verizon-capable Nexus One became a bit moot. But we wanna hear your reasons why. Does anybody still care? Vote your hearts out, and let us know in the comments why.


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Hey, Verizon fans: Do you still care about the Nexus One?



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Nope. Verizon and Google's BS over the past few months has been infuriating. I bet spring passes and we won't have heard a thing about the N1.

I like the *idea* of a phone that isn't tethered to a carrier and sold directly by Google, but until they make it as easy and affordable as getting a phone the conventional way, I'm not likely to start experimenting. Also, trackballs are soooo first-decade-of-this-century (whatever it's called).

I thought I wanted the N1 but with all the good things I'm hearing about the Incredible that's the one I want (pre-order is Monday shhhhhhhhhhh). Especially since Google has the ridiculous system of having to order the phones directly from them, and no way to see them side by side at the store. I also hear support from Google after purchase is not very good .

I guess I'm one of the few that is in it for the long haul. I got my innocase II and Google Dock just sitting here waiting for my VZW N1.

Even though I have a droid already, I don't want either of them, I need a physical keyboard, I don't get why everyone disses the DROIDs keyboard cuz it works fine for me and I like it.

sorry kind of off topic but unless the a phone similar to the HTC EVO comes to Verizon I won't be jealous of other Verizon phones

The only thing I'm missing from these devices is the "soft to touch" paint that I've been used to. Never liked tackballs, rarely use on Eris so glad to see it gone. Rounded Nexus One style doesn't fit my eye and the fact that every carrier has it makes it seem generic to me.

I bought the N1 when it first came out but T-Mobible coverage was so poor in my area that I sent it back. Ever since, I've been patiently waiting for the N1 on Verizon "Coming Spring 2010."

Now that the Incredible is almost here, it's a no-brainer as to which I'll be seriously considering (along with the Evo 4G). N1 is history as far as I'm concerned since many of the specs of the new Droid look a whole lot better.

Nobody really talks about the Verizon N1 it's just been about the Droid Incredible .I have Verizon as well as the Droid after coming over from BB Tour(which is a great phone)but RIM been pissing me off about a Tour2 til I saw the Droid and Android OS in general and seen it can do the same as a BB I JUMPED SHIP...

Android is really INCREDIBLE as well as the phones and the Droid Incredible is even better than the overrated iPhone.SPRINT is getting the EVO4g in June and overall ALL of these phones as well as the apps are going to get better over time.

Verizon and Sprint are the best when it comes to these phones.AT&T (UGH)!!

The Incredible sounds great. There are two things that keep me on the fence though (and maybe they're non-issues, I'd appreciate some elucidation): 1) The N1 noise-canceling sounds good, I'd really like my phone to be an excellent PHONE. But does it make that much of a diff? 2) Android updates: I'd like to get updates ASAP - I'm a developer, so that's particularly important. Will the N1 get updates sooner than the Incredible? Oh, and 3) Can I disable Sense if I want to use the native Android UI?

I really like the Nexus One still, and will buy it if I can get it cheaper than the $560 or whatever it is. I'm on a family plan so I have a feeling they are going to make me pay full price, in which case I'll just get the Incredible.

The Incredible has some better specs, but I would prefer to not have Sense on my phone. There are some other things that I like about the N1 over the Incredible; but again, nothing that is worth an extra $400.

I'm not in love with the trackball either, but I'm still holding out for the Nexus. Spec-wise they're pretty close. A better camera doesn't mean anything to me, and although the 8GB internal memory (rumored -- still have yet to see this on anything official)would be nice, I already have a 16GB microSDHC which will probably be more memory than I really need anyway.

Furthermore, and I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, I really think the Incredible is ugly. Mostly just the molded back. I don't know what they were thinking on that. The black with red is very nice, but I just can't stand the form factor. I understand that aesthetics aren't that important to everyone (and some really like the back of the Incredible -- it's all just personal preference), but for me, if I'm going to shell out for a new phone, I want it to be one that I think looks good.

Lastly, yeah, it's true that the Nexus is on every carrier (or will be eventually...), but I have yet to see one in person. It's not exactly like everyone is walking around with one.

No flaming here, I can agree with that. I really think the N1 is a much nicer, sleeker phone. And I agree that the higher res camera isn't that big of a deal.

I'm one of the few still holding out for the N1 - based on the rumor that the VZW N1 would have some hardware aspect that the other carriers won't have (I wouldn't be surprised to see Google and Big Red add wifi hotspot or something to it to draw people back)

When it does come out, if it doesn't live up to the hype then I can still take my NE2 and go get an Incredible instead (plus by then early adopters should have found most of the Incredible foibles and quirks)

This phone is miles above my Blackberry Tour, and the trackpad is one reason why Im going with the incredible over the N1. I have seen how well those trackballs work over time, and Ill never buy another phone with one. I dont really see why everyone is freaking out over the Incredible's battery case, sure it looks a little weird because its different, but hey, I would rather it look like that, so at least no one's gonna wonder what phone i have because everyone else's battery cover is flat and boring.

Hey kudos! I'm a BB Tour owner as well, and while it has served me well, I'm sick of it. RIM is really falling further and further behind as Android pushes innovation.

Anyway, I'm not "freaking out" about the battery cover -- just stating my opinion that I don't like the looks of it. I know some people do, which is fine. Like I said, for me it just comes down to the fact that I'm the one paying for the phone, so I'd like one that I think looks good.

That being said, it's possible that someone will design an after-market battery cover that would take care of that little problem.

I've had a BBerry (Curve 8330) for two years and have been looking for the next move ever since I started closing in on my NE2. The Droid had me fascinated, mostly because of the physical keyboard. But, over time, I've become convinced that the soft keyboard is the ongoing trend and it behooves me to move away from the physical one. When the N1 was advertised, I was uber-stoked except for one thing - the trackball. I have grown to loathe the trackball on my BBerry, and I was hoping (before hearing about the Incredible, but while waiting for the Verizon N1 to pop up) that they might go trackpad.

My NE2 is available on the 24th. The Incredible is available shortly after. It's the N1 without a trackball and with a better camera. At this point, I am giddy with anticipation.

Question: if (and I know this is strictly hypothetical) you had a choice between an iPhone 3GS, upgraded to OS4, on Verizon, or an Incredible, which would you choose? I'm personally not fond of Apple's tactics, but their devices are so finished. One of those things to make you go hmmm.

I'm still patiently waiting for a decent slider...Nexus Two (fingers crossed) but the main item I don't like on the Incredible is Sense. While I haven't used pure Android or Sense I am quite confident I will prefer the Android experience.

I'm waiting for the nexus one because of the sense ui. I want to experience the Google phone on a legitimate network. I also heard they were doing something extra for the nexus one but maybe that was a rumor...that's if it ever comes out

I will probably be waiting for the Nexus One for the fact, I do not want to be in a contract. Sprint and Verizon are awesome in the area I live in. Currently on Sprint, and they are a bit cheaper. So honestly I'm just waiting for the CDMA retail version of the N1. I will start on Sprint, if it's great, will switch. But would like to get a hold of the Incredible just to see for myself. I doubt if you bought the Incredible for retail, Sprint would activate it since it's a VZW exclusive.

I worry now that the Incredible is coming out in a couple of weeks that the N1 will be shelved into May or June. I love my N1 but not so hot on the T-mobile service in my area. I will however look at the Incredible and compare it to my N1 since I will be able to do that.

The 8MP camera will only impress me if it works well in dim light.

I have been Buzzing Google daily about releasing the N1 for VZW. I have all the accessories (that I hardly use) waiting patiently.

I wanted a Nexus One but I also wanted Sense UI.

The Incredible does all I wanted and then some.

I just can't decide if I pre-order and wait at home for FedEx to deliver my phone or show up at the store when they open...

I'll take an Incredible if and only if Sense can be COMPLETELY turned off otherwise I'll wait for the N1 which I think is still a nicer looking package!

I'm starting to think Google meant Spring of 2011 for the VZW Nexus One. I'm done with the BB Storm and can't wait any longer. I'm going Incredible.

It s the same as with the G1. The N1 is Google's handset. It WILL get updates before ANY OTHER device. Their will be handsets that become available in the year that will have better specs and hardware but who's going to be running Android 3.0 first, you guessed it. The incredible is a great handset and i'm sure everyone will love it. It may not be the 'Top Dog" in the spec sheets anymore but it still Google's developer phone. So, when Froyo hits....

If the N1 receives fast and furious updates from Google, than the N1 is in my opinion, the right choice.

VZW is notoriously slow with updates and add in the fact that HTC (due to SENSE) has to also pass muster, updates could potentially take even longer.

There is no question that the DROID Incredible does have some great specs and I am sure that the SENSE experience is very nice. However, updates are a big things for me and I hope that Google does right by the N1 and releases plenty of updates for it.


I've read on the leaked specs of the Incredible that it will get OTA updates from Google, but that remains to be seen. The Nexus One may not have all the bells and whistles compared to the newer phones, but they still get their updates from the source and as a frustrated Moment owner, being able to get your updates without the carrier dragging their feet goes a long way.

I'm sure the Incredible and N1 are great phones but it will take much more than what they have to offer to pull me away from my Droid.

The only time I use the trackball on my N1 is when I'm inputting text and I want to edit a letter out of a word and my finger doesn't accurately put the marker where I want it, a quick touch of the trackball left or right fixes things.

Why are people making a huge deal out of it. This is my first phone with a trackball and it has practically no use other than looking really cool when it flashes lights for messages and calls. Will it not last me another year and half?

BTW i saw a comment about Google's service... they're fantastic. HTC & Google over the phone offer incredibly courteous service and work well with you to resolve any issues you have with little questions asked. Plus they speak English.

I was considering the HTC Desire and the Nexus One to be about on par with eachother, and while I favored the Desire for the Sense UI, ultimately I could have been happy with either.

However, I think the Incredible is a better choice over the Nexus if for no other reason than the dual flash. The camera's pixel count means little to me, but one of the original gripes of the Hero was the poor lighting, which I think dual flash, regardless of the power requirements, alleviates.

Obviously there are other reasons, and I do view Sense as a plus. But if I my phone is going to be locked into one carrier, I want the best phone available. On the other hand, a Nexus that would be supported by either Sprint or VZW while able to use TMobile and AT&T 3G towers would have trumped Incredible. Especially if it could have taken advantage of pay as you go networks like Boost Mobile.

The extra internal storage is nice. And the TV out is interesting. Plus I prefer the color scheme, but not the design.

However, I also feel the quick updates to the Nexus One from Google are worth it. Sense UI takes forever to get updated by HTC.

The trackball is a benefit. It's basically a huge notification globe that lets me know I I have a notification. Right now the only colors I have seen are White and Blue. I wish Google would program more colors (i.e. red for Gmail). A track pad can't do that.

Not to mention the noise cancellation mic and processor on the N1...

HTC incredible all the way. The Nexus One is nice but it came down to specs and ease of purchase for me.

After watching Motorola fumble the Droid 2.1 update, and noting how (in-)frequently Verizon updates the OS on their BlackBerry devices, I'm not too keen on being dependent on them for OS updates.

I'd prefer to get my updates right from Google. Given the VZW-branded Sense UI, The Incredible will easily be 3-6 months behind on updates as compared to the Google-managed Nexus One.

Does no one care about the larger battery on the Nexus? I think thats a HUGE factor for all of us heavy users out there.

I already have the N1 on T-Mobile, but I have 2 friends that were waiting on the Verizon version. Both are now saying that they'll be getting the Incredible since it has a solid date set. I asked if the N1 just suddenly popped up before then would they still get the N1, they said nope.

The N1 on VZW is still important for those who like to have updates ASAP.

The N1 will get Android OS upgrades sooner than any other phone with Google at the helm. They're not going to make users wait as long as phones that are more carrier controlled. The 2.1 update to my DROID was pretty much worthless but I still didn't like waiting for VZW to get their lazy asses in gear.

The other point worth knowing is that Droid Incredible will have Sense. Sense is awesome but also a liability for updates. Regardless of how soon VZW will allow future Android updates to hit phones, those with Sense have a distinct possibility of having to wait longer to ensure Sense compatibility.

Only thing is, when the new Android OS gets released, and the N1 users are getting it day 1, and the Incredible users aren't because they have to wait for Verizon/HTC, who will be wishing they had a N1 then?

The N1 does trump Incredible for updates, and will likely get them when the OS is publically updated, if not sooner (depends on how on-the-ball the Nexus project manager is). Sense users and other carrier dependant phone users will probably continue with 5-7 month waiting periods.

But while I am no Android OS expert, I was the under the impression some of the main goals for future updates was for Google to seperate out software from the operating system (no more waiting for Google Navigation like features) and slowing down the time between major updates.

So yes, Incredible users may as well buy new phones if they want the latest OS updates, but it is possible there will be less of them to "lust" after between contract renewals (for those stuck with US carriers).

Its okay Eris...I still love you. ^_^

Once I save up the money I'll probably get the Incredible...My mom is happy to get my Eris, she dislikes the touch screen on her Env Touch.

As much as I would like to be the 1st on the block with the latest and greatest Android and Google updates, all the problems reported about the N1: screen, paint and Google: customer service(lack of)and poor marketing, delayed deployment, expense, has scared me off. W/ the Incredible being better supported, slick unique looking and better hardware specs and cheaper up front, it IS the logical choice here.