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Like collecting the Android Mini Series from Dead Zebra? If so, you'll want to act fast in getting your hands on the latest batch -- we're positive they won't last long. The Heroes & Villains Mini Android Series is now available and you can get all four minis for only $40 over at Dead Zebra. You're still reading this? Go, go now.

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Heroes & Villains Mini Android Series from Dead Zebra now available


Picked up mine's first thing this morning before heading out for work! I will be adding these little guys to my collection! Love them!

I was hitting F5 on the page all morning and got them as soon as I saw they were available :-D This will bring my collection to 20 now I believe, sad :-P

To answer your first question, no. Artificially creating a "collectible" by restricting supply is a clever trick, but it's not my thing. They have a cool little product, and I'd buy one or two for my desk if they didn't cost $10 (?!?) apiece and require me to "hit F5 all morning" to get one. Anyone hear of Beanie Babies?

I think they are neat little collectibles, I knew they would be in short supply, and I have too much time and a bit of disposable income here babysitting equipment in the desert. Sue me... Plus I've already mechanized one with an ATiny and working on another with an ADK I have... You sound bitter over something because you missed out, smh...

And you sound like someone who is defensive and trying to justify what some see as a pointless purchasing decision. It's ok to admit you're getting some guilty pleasure out of it. Everyone does it every once in a while. Just stop acting like a jackass that is part of some exclusive club that you think everyone wants to be in but they really don't.