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A quick heads up that there will be no live show of the Android Central Podcast tonight, or for the rest of the year. Frankly, there's nothing going on this week anyway, and the rest of this egg nog isn't going to drink itself. (For a different sort of concoction, we point you toward Jerry's Double Turkey Triple Sec.)

While you wait for us to reappear next year, we invite you -- nay, we implore you -- to do the following:

And so, with that, we bid you adieu, and we'll be back on the air in 2013. (Which is, after all, next week.)


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Heads up: No podcast tonight


Happy Holidays and Happy New 2013 Year to the entire staff of Android, visitors, advertisers and supporters in any manner you support. Look forward to being here next year learning more great Android stuff. Yeah STUFF!!

PS - shameless plug... I made a poem to Phil. I hope you read it if nothing else to get a good laugh.

Nooooooooooooooooooo what am I going to fill that void in my life

I'll just have to popm over to iMore instead (this is no ideal threat)

Looking forward to a Android Central New Year (especially with CES only around the corner).

Happy New Year