HD Widgets 4

The new-look HD Widgets, version 4, is rolling out to everyone in the Play Store starting today. The latest version of the popular widget app is a complete redesign, from the customization interface to the widgets themselves. You'll find a new look that makes things simpler and doesn't get rid of the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) layout.

On the widget side, you'll find new options for in-depth weather widgets, including precipitation chance and temperature variation. HD Widgets 4 also includes a whole boatload of toggles, clocks and read-outs, all completely customizable with themes. A new theme to choose from there is called "Kairo," with a flat, light and simple look

The makers of HD Widgets explain on their blog that with upwards of one million active installs they have to roll out the update in stages, so if you don't see it right away keep checking the Play Store until it shows up. Once you do get the update it'll be worth it — and if you haven't bought it at $1.99, it may be worth a look.

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HD Widgets 4 now hitting the Play Store with new designs and customization interface


And the new update broke the app, mine just updated on my tegra note and now it immediately crashes when I reboot the tablet or try to run the app, looks like it's back to beautiful widgets.

Works fine on my Note 3 after clearing cache and data in App manager. Still there's no "kairo" themes to choose from.

O dear is all I can say, the settings looks like a beautiful widgets mimick and the weather screen looks like they went to kindergarten for the icons. No need for HD there! Not sure if a graph is realistically needed in an at a glance screen & it's not something I'd even bother looking at as a general user, maybe if there pushing this at pilots and sailors but then there isn't enough info for that. I think they got a little lost here. Shame it used to be my go too, now it's just ugly. Back to beautiful Widgets I think.

Looks good to me. I just use a simple clock/weather widget (white with black numbers and such) and it looks fantastic. But to each their own though as I don't like BW all that much.

I'm getting bored with the weather and switch widgets. I want to be able to customize my own calendar, email, social media widgets, etc.

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Surprised you never heard of Android Pro Widgets by Dr. Appche. It does all of those things and has some nice themes. You should check it out if you haven't already. I use HD widgets for clock/weather/toggles and APW for everything else so it works out well for me.

Edit: I just double checked. It doesn't have email widgets and social media is limited to Facebook and Twitter. So no Instagram, G+ just yet.

meh... that's all i got. I own it, but prefer to roll my own in UCCW and Zooper, get exactly what i want.