Sprint Nexus S 4G

One of these phones is the Sprint Nexus S 4G. And the other, well, is just a plain old' Nexus S, no Sprint, no 4G. And to be honest, we've forgotten which is which. OK, we haven't forgotten. The third-party launcher and notifications on the phone on the left should give it away. Point is, aside from the Nexus S 4G being on Sprint and having 4G data, they're exactly the same phone.

The Nexus S 4G will be available sometime this spring for $199 on contract. We've got a few more pics after the break.

Samsung Nexus S 4GSamsung Nexus S 4G

Samsung Nexus S 4GSamsung Nexus S 4G


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Hands-on with the Sprint Nexus S 4G


It doesn't have the Sprint logo because, unlike every other phone in the company's lineup, Sprint doesn't prepay for the Nexus.

every phone in the history of cell phone has been 90% plastic, except the iPhone 4 and Thunderbolt. But it's a such a fad to criticize now-a-days that "oh the phone is plasticky". If it's not a sheet plastic, acrylic, that encases the device, then it's dense molded plastic that makes up the body of the device.

Not true, there are quite a few unibody aluminum phones from HTC. Many of which were released before the iPhone 4

The Hero, Legend and N1 have glass screens (with acrylic coating for the capacitive touch layer) and aluminum bodies (coated with soft touch paint, except for the Legend, I believe).

I played with the Tmo NS at a Best Buy, and it did feel more "plasticky" than my Evo, regardless of the materials used. The build quality reminded me of the Pre. I much prefer the design of the NS over the boxier look of the Evo, but the Evo feels much more substantial. Some phones just have more flex in the screen and body, and don't feel reassuring.

Built qualtiy is different from Manufacture to anther
Example :
The plastic finish of an iPhone 3G\3G S is better than the Galaxy S (no I don't have an iPhone)
The Metal finish of a Motorola Milestone is waay better than the Nokia E75 (yes i've both phones)

Same here. I'm gonna use my upgrade on March 31st (probably on one of the Evos) and hope that they release the Nexus within the 30-day satisfaction guarantee period. If they do I'll return the Evo and get the Nexus, otherwise I'll be stuck with a last generation phone for another two years. Sprint Premier! Woot!

Sprint is changing their premium membership and removing the yearly upgrade unless you have been with them for 10 years or have a a plan more expensive than the one most people get. Until now the cheapest everything plan qualified. After this you need one of the more expensive plans. They did this knowing most people who take advantage of it have EVOs and would be wanting to upgrade this year.

Luckily mine technically resets to 2-year cycle on April 1st, and on April 1st I'm eligible with the 2 year cycle. I bought a Sprint Pre on launch day June 2009. So 22 months is April 2011.

My question is, why would you want to? Google Nav is so much better, but anyway yes you should be able to. I have an Evo with CM7 (non-Sense / vanilla ROM) and I just gave it a try. It installed and worked just fine. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to un-install this crap before my phone kills itself.

I haven't need to use GPS in over a year, but IIRC, Telenav had voice turn-by-turn directions, and had better business comparison features, like being able to sort nearby gas stations by price. Of course, maybe that's changed.

Ill take that "chic looking" phone over a locked down bootloader any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The original Nexus S will still be the best choice. It's the only Android 2.3 phone out there with GSM, and this Sprint offering only takes the phone's utility down a notch because of Sprint's CDMA network limitation. I have used my Nexus S in different countries in Asia and Europe for 4 months now for mere pennies by just buying local SIMs. Can Sprint offer you the ability to do that? Think about it.

CDMA isn't so bad. It works in Japan, and Korea. And for places where it doesn't work, there's always wifi+Google voice.

Does Wifi + Google Voice only work on the Nexus S and not on any other phone, like my EVO? If so, that would be the best reason for me to upgrade to it.

Google voice can be used on any Android phone, available from the market if you don't already have it. For me, I'm on T-Mo now, left Sprint a year ago cause I wanted the N1, now I'm looking to go back to Sprint. Was looking at the Evo or the Epic, and then the NS 4G was announced, then I had to decide on the Evo or the NS. I've decided on the NS cause I think the development community still has work to do on the NS, where as the Evo has been out awhile and appears to have stalled. Sure, I'll always be a little jealous of my friends with their Evo's and the huge screen, but the NFC(near field communication) in the NS looks to be a promising thing on the dev scene and something I'm anxious to mess with.

only about 1% of the total population actually leaves this continent so that is the most minor of things to gripe about..

Indeed. I worried about this for a bit, then remembered that I didn't make a single phone call or text the last time I traveled, wifi is prevalent enough for Google Voice/ooVoo/Skype, world flip phones are dirt cheap, pay phones still exist, and hotels have their own telephones.

In short, there are plenty of ways around the CDMA issue.

Constant ocean hopping would be a different story, but that applies to VERY few people.

Then why even consider the Nexus S? There are much cooler Android phones out there or on the way for the hoi palloi. Unlocked GSM usage is a major selling point for the original Nexus S. You seemed to have missed the point completely.

No one on Sprint cares about unlocked GSM usage; otherwise they wouldn't be on Sprint. This is the first phone on Sprint to ship with stock Android and 4G. That's why.

Does that local SIM force the local country's language as default on your Nexus S? If Sprint doesn't have any sort of solution to allow me to use my EVO in Europe, that will be a problem.

Relevant for globetrotters, irrelevant for most CDMA subscribers. I personally couldn't care less about the NS4G's usability outside the US. If I ever need to travel, I can buy or rent a GSM phone for the occasion.

No notification light? Pass.

The glowing ball on the Nexus One was a huge selling point for me. HTC phones feel more solid, but the Nexus One has its issues that I think Samsung doesn't. I still have issues with a erratic screen response when plugged in. I type letters and it thinks I hit one of the menu buttons.

I'd really like to see a Motorola Nexus phone. Such as an atrix with stock 2.3.

The glowing ball is one of the reasons I've stuck with the N1 for as long as I have. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like having a trackball option rather than a pure touchscreen phone. And the ability to customize the notification colors for different events is one of the huge selling points for CM.

For the love of god, what is the release date of this device? "Spring" is so annoyingly vague, especially with Sprint's $125 promo ending April 16th...

I'm right there with you, man. They're missing a great opportunity to bring people in with the Nexus S.

Absolutely with you. If I could confirm a date I'd be all over the presales. But "Spring" Ends in JUNE and I'm not up for waiting 3 months for a new phone.

If BB's already taking preorders for the NS4G with a deposit, it's probably coming out within the next 30 days.

Although a descent looking phone, I don't care for the glossy cheap Palm Pre looking fingerprint magnet plastic.

Someone has been hard on their Nexux S!! I can say a lot about Samsung, but I can't say that the Nexus S is ugly... it is a good looking phone. I do agree that the plastics could have been a touch better tho.

Hmm, a Samsung phone with quick and consistent updates? I think yes! Although I'm still locked into a contract with my EVO, which does weird stuff now.

Hmm, a Samsung phone with quick and consistent updates? I think yes! Although I'm still locked into a contract with my EVO, which does weird stuff now.

I 'm considering the nexus but wanna see what else is coming out. I don't care if a phone is plastic, I'm not trying to make a fashion statement. Just want it to work well. How's the GPS? Im coming from the captivate.

3rd party launcher? i wonder if you can take that off cuz stock Launcher is hardware accelerated, which will run soooooo much better!

I am going to have to say EVO 3D. 3D aside, since I think it's a stupid gimmick, the EVO has better specs and will probably cost the same or close to the same as the Nexus and it is made by HTC instead of Samsung. The EVO has a huge hacker community so I am guessing the EVO's successor will as well which means you will probably get a stock Android ROM on there if you want one.

I have to agree. The specs of the Evo 3D are far beyond the Nexus S. (And like you, I could care less about "3D", I am talking about much faster CPU, more memory, SD slot, etc). I am going to wait. But I like seeing the option- good job Sprint!

I already preordered my S from the local Sprint store. I just hope it comes out well before the Evo 3D so I can still get a decent amount from selling my EVO 4G.

For what its worth, everyone saying they will lose their 1yr upgrade on April first. You only lose that 1yr upgrade after you use it. :) So you should still be able to use your 1yr upgrade one last time before your grandfathered into the new clause.

:) hope that helps some people

ZiggSeVO from what I was just told by Sprint I lost my 1 yr upgrade. I did not know about the change until I read this post. They did not even send e-mails about it, just buried it in the paper bill.