Let's do this in one fell swoop, shall we? Here's a walkthrough with all of Sony's new kit at IFA in Berlin. Seven minutes in Sony smartphone heaven, if you will. The glitz! The glamour! The glossy fingerprints!

Seriously, though, Here's a quick look at the new Sony Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia J, Xperia V, Acro S, the Xperia Tablet S -- and some waterproof demos as well.

Accessories? Oh, we got 'em, too.

Oh, and Ice Cream Sandwich on the Xperia Ion, which hasn't actually been pushed out yet.

So, yeah. A whole lot of kit from Sony at IFA. Enjoy!


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Hands-on with Sony's latest at IFA [video]


If Sony would make another CDMA phone and it look like this and put it on Verizon I get the feeling they would push more phones out. The xperia play was dead on arrival in my opinion. Just a thought.

Honestly a lot of people like the play from what I've heard and read. It might not have been as huge of a release that they expected, but those that I have talked to that have it enjoy it very much. But now its hardware is showing its age. I hope they release some of their devices on a cdma network like you said - I'm sure lots would get them.

I gotta say I'm kinda digging what Sony has to offer right now. Hopefully, these will be released in the States. Plus, the rumors of a Sony Nexus are getting me excited!

windows 8 seems awesome on tablet especially the pro version´╗┐ which is the complete one that has a desktop and runs on intel processors

I'm more impressed you didn't set any of the alarms off they way you were picking those phones up and plonking them back down. I've only got to move within 5cm of one in Phones 4 U and I set them all off.

Ok speakers all the way up and still barely understood him, Either buy him a mic or get someone who we can actually understand AC!!!!!!