SiriusXM Lynx

If CES has taught me anything, it's that Android can pop up where you least expect it. Case in point: the SiriusXM booth, where the satellite radio giant is introducing its Lynx portable radio system.

Android Central @ CES Announced late last month, the Lynx is a three-in-one device that can dock in your car, in your home, or act as a regular in-pocket player. It's WiFi-connected for updates and syncing -- and for content. When docked, it'll pull in all the SiriusXM channels, shows and music that you get from the SiriusXM Internet service. And it features some pretty cool features including "Tune Start", which restarts the song if you've tuned in halfway through.

And did we mention that Android is lurking beneath? You wouldn't necessarily know it, as the Lynx has a UI that's pure SiriusXM, but it's there (check out the "caution" warning below-- recognize that?). The Lynx will be hitting retailers soon for a cool $250, and the friendly reps at the booth were nice enough to walk us through exactly what the Lynx is capable of, and how Android makes it all possible. Hit the break for the video and some photos.

SiriusXM Lynx SiriusXM LynxSiriusXM Lynx

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Glenuendo says:

Lindsey Buckingham? Really?

TheBigFerret says:

ooo weee, what's up with that or sumptin'... tss tst

startir says:

tss tssss... its like... links in a chain...breaking or sumpthin...tss tsss....

BigDinCA says:

That song kicks a ridiculous amount of ass. He's a seriously underrated guitar player and songwriter. Fleetwood Mac wasn't all that in the beginning. Add Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham and you get one of the best selling albums of all time. Plus, the movie that song was written for is an absolute classic. I just saw it the other day.

moosc says:

Looking at car kit that is a fail. Ill need zip ties to keep locked in the kit.

Glad SiriusXM finally came out with a new player. I haven't seen a worthwhile new radio since I bought my Stiletto 2 many years ago.

The best feature is that they kept some the “recording” part from the Stiletto. What appears to be bad though is that it records everything and not just the songs you want (the old heart button). I love the heart button as I can save a song, listen to it a lot, and the move on once I got sick of it – all while saving the $0.99 for a download.

chief113 says:

Worst of CES contender.

Baba booey to yall!

nickacs says:

Mega dildos and F Jackie! Ma Ma Monkey!!

TJH132 says:

Buckingham didn't just rock the '80s, but the '90s, '00s, and '10s. I bought his latest on Google Music during the $4.99 sale. Worth twice that! I love me some Lindsey Buckingham!

DustoMan says:

Mine shipped from Crutchfield. I'll have it on Friday!

Jori5280 says:

I'm still rocking the first gen Pioneer Inno...time for an upgrade!

TreborC says:

No Love Button??? I needed a new radio since my Stiletto 2 broke and I was really excited by this radio. Now I really don't care about it anymore. I'll just keep using my Sirius App on my phone. Also: couldn't it at least come with the ability to dock at home? $70 for EACH dock??? FAIL!!!

jean15paul says:

I say lets root it and install CM7. :)

BigDinCA says:

No "LOVE" button and no portable S A T E L L I T E radio (not WiFi - I can't get WiFi in the middle of nowhere)? WTF??? I love my beat-up Stilleto 2, but fear that it's on the long, slow journey to broke-down-ness. I was really hoping for a Stilleto 3 to come out. Bummer.