Pantech Breakout

Verizon Wireless recently introduced to us the Pantech Breakout, an entry-level device of the 4G LTE market, and the price tag was set to intrigue. Well, it appears as though it did just that, and landed right in my hands, and many of you are probably wondering how the specs and performance compare to the price. So, without any further delay let's hit the break and take a quick look at the device, check out some more pictures, and a video walkthrough.

One important thing about purchasing any new device is how the device looks, and more importantly how it feels in the hand. The first thing that triggered my eyes about the device was the four buttons on the bottom were actual buttons, and not capacative touch ones, and this will be the first device I ever used of that style. The overall feel of the device is very comfortable, the 4 inch display makes the device a nice size, allowing it to fit well in the hand, and while it isn't the thinnest device out there, it is no bulk machine either. 

With a price tag like the one of the Breakout it comes as no surprise that you would be skeptical as to what you are buying into, but after even just a short time with the device I have been pleasantly surprised. The 4-inch 800x480 display is powered by a 1GHz processor which allows for an overall smooth experience while manuvering around the interface of the device. Pantech does put a skin on the device with a custom launcher, boo, but the good news is that it can be disabled, and the stock Gingerbread launcher can be used. The device has a custom lockscreen which offers features similar to that of Sense 3.0, except that there are only three icons that can be quick launched from the lockscreen, and they are not able to be customized.

With the price being right, and the specs looking great on paper, is the performance of the device enough to make it your next device? Check out the video below, and be sure to stay tuned for a full review of the device.


Pantech Side  Pantech Side

Pantech Back  Pantech Camera

Pantech UI  Pantech Battery


Reader comments

Hands-on with the Pantech Breakout


That there phone has some sweet features for an entry level phone. Good Job Pantech! But I'm a power user :P and therefore, will not be buying this phone.

Seriously? You couldn't wipe the screen off before making a video. That thing looks like you just sprayed it down with Pam.

Im usually not a jerk when it comes to the videos, but the greasy screen and the lack of light makes this video hard to watch.

Hard to tell if he is excited about the phone or not because he sounds depressed through the whole review.

Not a bad entry level device though

OMG, the dude mentions the price multiple times in the text, but never says how much it is!! Does he mention it in the video? I started to watch the review but when he started describing what the 4 buttons were for, I gave up.

AndroidCentral: you really need to either outsource your reviews, or get better at doing them.

So anyone, how much is it??!!

It's a hundred bucks NickA.

I played with this earlier today in the carrier store and while I agree that the customizations are kind of interesting the device itself is JUNK, as he said only 367 or RAM and it has like 270mb available memory this thing will slow down fast. It's hugely underpowered and under specked. I realize they wanted an LTE phone at that hundred dollar price point but come on...

i have an OG Droid and i am looking to upgrade in the next month or so. i am not interested in the Breakout, but i very much like the idea of toggling bluetooth & wifi from the notification bar. does anyone know if this is possible with any other phones? i hate leaving a a webpage to toggle wifi. it is quite annoying.