Dell Aero

It was a long and hard first day at CTIA, with the announcement of a couple of stellar Android phone, and the return of Dell to the U.S. smartphone area. That brings us to the Dell Aero, which was announced for AT&T. And we got our hands on it tonight ... And that's it. It might or might not be a working device. We don't know, because Dell wouldn't turn it on, for whatever reason.

So, we got an OK feel for the hardware. And in what seems to be a growing trend, it's pretty darn light. Actually, save for feeling a bit plastic, it was a pretty sexy phone. Nice and slim, with graceful lines that fit nicely in your hand. And so after the break, a few more pics of the Dell Areo purely as a work of industrial design. Here's to hoping we actually see it in action at some point.

Dell AeroDell Aero

Dell AeroDell Aero

Dell AeroDell Aero

Dell AeroDell Aero

There are 7 comments

atrpm says:

Is it me or after the Evo 4G was revealed all this is crap? lol

MRGQ says:

^ lol agreed!

bnob99 says:

Why bring a phone to show off if you can't even see it in action?

voghan says:

I'm not convinced on the evo. I want a phone I can fit in my pocket.

with all that evo style and features comes $$$$ .. I'd rather have a sub $200 phone these days. .. But as for this Dell phone... come on ATT... stop playing around and bring out the Desire already.

rew001 says:

Not impressed. Specs (or at least what I've found) are lacking too.


LOL AWWW Poor AT&T! Mentioning this hunk of crap while sprint's Evo became official...............suck it at&t