Motorola Motoluxe

Motorola continues to iterate with every new device, and the Motorola Motoluxe is no exception. It's got a 4-inch display and is rocking Android 2.3 (lame, but not surprising), has the usual Motorola UI improvements and sports an 8MP camera with autofocus and flash.

Android Central @ CES Picking it up, you'll be struck by the weight -- or lack thereof -- and the cool little quick-launch apps widget that's planted on the homescreen. (There's a similar widget for your favorite contacts.)

And save for a VGA front-facing camera and 1400 mAh battery, that's about it. Not to say that it's a bad phone -- it's a solid mid-level device, which is what Motorola was aiming for. This is definitely one you folks in Greater China, Europe and Latin America will want to check out when it's released in February.

We've got a full hands-on after the break.

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Motorola MotoluxeMotorola Motoluxe

Motorola MotoluxeMotorola Motoluxe

Motorola MotoluxeMotorola Motoluxe


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Hands-on with the Motorola Motoluxe


Pretty sad an Android site calls Android 2.3 lame. I know we all want the latest greatest but at this point 2.3 is the best mobile OS on the market. ICS will be great but still to many issues and app compatibility problems. Gingerbread rocks!

1400 mAh? Now THAT'S the lame part. 2.3 is still a great version of Android for the majority of users out there that don't frequent sites like this.

I don't agree with that. ICS is designed specifically with the average user in mind. ICS is the best version of Android for the "newbie" to jump into.

Despite all the buzz surrounding Android 4.0, from what I've seen on beta versions, it really doesn't offer much beside it's new skin/UI. It reminds me very much of going from Eclair to Froyo... It was made out to be such a huge upgrade when in reality it's biggest feature was probably the addition of cut/copy/paste functionality.

As for this phone, to me, it looks pretty nice. I'm glad to see manufacturers aren't abandoning the 4 inch screen size. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to carry a phone the size of a tablet around, and see no need for dual (to say nothing of quad) core processors... If that limits me to the market of "mid-level" phones, so be it.

Regarding ICS , I agree with you

What people don't realize is that most of the new ICS features already available in GingerBread as a part of PhilBlur , Sense , touchWiz & MediaScape UX

Yes there's some fixes "Under the Hood" plus some new features & a new Launcher

Don't get me wrong , I would love to get ICS in my phone , but It doesn't worth the risk of flashing a Custom ROM on my phone
If I got it officially good , if not ... I can live with that

There really is VERY VERY little risk in flashing a custom rom on your phone, as long as you follow the directions, and most of them are usually very simple. Before you flash just read what others have to say about the rom and that usually keeps you out of trouble.

True , If you reed the instructions everything should Well
For me It just doesn't worth the risk of doing it , I need something functional all the time , since I travel allot & most ROMs have something missing in them (i.e. The MIUI ROM for the OG EVO 4G just got Wimax 4G support few days ago & CM7 Doesn't support the FingerPrint scanner in the Atrix , not without some additional hacks)

Man I think you need to read up a little on the improvements in 4.0. If the only difference you see is the color change in the ui then it's a little sad. There were a lot of improvements under the hood. Heck the broken version of 4.0 for my dx makes gingerbread look like garbage. The only reason I go back to gingerbread is because the Kindle app doesn't work on the rom.

I have read up on Android 4.0, and have been doing so since information on it first came out. And I've been testing every alpha and beta version that's been available for my phone. The reality is that in real-world use, it just doesn't do much 2.3, 2.2 or for that matter, 2.1 did. Funny that you think ICS makes Gingerbread look like garbage, because I find I keep returning to Gingerbread because ICS doesn't do anything fundamentally different or better.

I don't understand the use of "rocking" and "lame" about the same version of Android in one sentence. I understand this is nitpicking, but we're on a semi-reputable journalistic website so please quit with the use of "rocking" unless it really actually is!