Pick up the LG G Flex for the first time, and it's tough to tell which is the cooler feature. For one thing, this phone is curved. Not just "Oh, the glass is curved against your face." But "Holy crap, the entire phone is curved."

But that's just half the story. Because what good is a curved phone that's rigid? That's just asking for trouble. No, the LG G Flex also bends. From the glass atop the display, to the display itself, to the all-new battery, this phone is meant to withstand up to 88 pounds of pressure in its most sensitive of areas, moving just enough to keep things from breaking while providing what LG believes to be the most ergonomic fit yet.

But you're not supposed to be able to bend your phone, right?

But, yeah. You can bend the LG G Flex. The curved LG G Flex. Shrug your shoulders all you want — LG predicts that some 40 percent of smartphones will be flexible by 2018.

We'll have much more on this new class of smartphone. But the big strokes are that this is a large phone — 6 inches in diagonal, but with a 720p display. It's got rear buttons like the LG G2, but these have some added functionality and a cooler design. The phone feels big — because it is — but it also feels ... different. Maybe that's in our heads. Maybe with with warped body comes warped thoughts. 

But bending its the only trick this phone has up its sleeve. There's a thin coating on the glossy plastic that protects scratches. Actually, it fights back, healing the plastic should something nick it. We're not talking huge gouges — it's just a thin layer after all. But those annoying little marks should be a thing of the past with the G Flex. (The same can't be said about fingerprints, though.) Pretty neat trick.

The software's also slightly improved. The user interface looks more sophisticated that what we've seen from LG in the past (and it feels like we say that every year — improvement is a good thing). But it's tough to believe that the G Flex is running Android 4.2.2 at this point in the game — some 10 months after it was released. Here's to hoping for a quick KitKat update, perhaps.

One other thing you get a sense of when you pick up the G Flex — this guy deserves a pretty good look. What we have now is the Korean model, TV antenna and all. It's not officially coming to the U.S. yet. (And emphasis on yet.) So we've got some time. The flexible phone thing just might stick around.


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Hands-on with the LG G Flex


What the hell does that have to do with an initial hands-on of a device that isn't even available in the US?

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LTE-A would include carrier aggregation, and would be quite a bit faster than 40-60mbps!

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No. Sprint Spark is making use of LTE on 3 different bands(800,1900, and 2300) I believe at once, to optimize data speeds - in areas where Sprint has LTE deployed on all 3 bands. LTE-A is just the LTE spec that some phones are capable of using.

Wait..when i saw the gif in g+,, i thought it was just like the covering plastic that comes on the screen of the phone when you unbox it for the first time.

Si it is actually the display? holy shit thats impressive.

That phone just isn't appealing to me! I do like the stress that the phone can take with the self healing back and it being able to flatten out, as MKBHD so graciously showed us, besides the screen cracking...

Nexus 5...enough said

Are you saying that the screen will crack like normal, if dropped? That to me, defeats the benefit of flexible displays, unless you prefer a curved phone of course.

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It does crack if it falls on the corner or the front. Android Authority's @joshsalutes did a drop test for it, and when he dropped it where the phone's bottom hit the ground first, it was quite nasty.

Nexus 5...enough said

Wait... Phil said he was in montain view to attend to an event... he is in a n event and if you look closely there are LG "ads"

Is this the event he talked about in the other post, or did i missed something and he already revealed it?

You're over-thinking this. Phil is in California for an event that won't happen for a few weeks. It, more than likely, has NOTHING to do with LG. Stop guessing, you're losing, lol.

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You guys heard it here first. Mr. Yarrell will be switching to LG soon and before you know it, he will absolutely detest Samsung (the endless cycle he has been in with all carriers and manufacturers thus far). Prediction comes true in 3...2...1...

Says the guy who, a little over 2 years ago, said he'd "never touch any of Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices" while going on and on about how "pimp slapping" HTC and their "legendary" Evo 3D were. For the past 2 years, you've been saying how awesome and "boss" Samsung is, all while saying how LG is "useless", and that you'd never touch any of their devices "with a 10 foot pole". Now you're saying they're "kool". Not only do you have no clue what you think or want, you can't even spell a simple 4 letter word correctly, even with autocorrect on your Note 3, your only access point to the Internet. smh

You need to stop caring squiddy, trolls like richardyarell will be trolls. I agree thought. I'll never understand why he spells cool "kool"

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Meh too big of phone for my preference and not a fan Of LG phones.The power button on the back kinda suks too haha

Im kinda surprised he easily he could hold and use it with one hand..... yes i know, plenty of innuendo`s here.... and a most definite "thats what she said" moment, but still seemed relatively easy

I read on CNET that the paint on the back is the same of what they use in the automobile industry. Self heals scratches over time. That is quite the innovative feature in my opinion, besides the flex

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I like this because I'm a carpet installer I work on my knees ( no I'm not a prostitute) and have to slam my knee into a stretcher etc etc. Well when you wear nice work pants most of them are tight and with a normal phone doing all this it kind of digs into you. But with this it would flex with the pressure and not break which is safer for the phone and my leg. This could also apply to other contractors

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I'm an office worker now, but in the past have worked heavy labor jobs, some outside. In either case, I've never put my phone in my pocket (too much potential for bad things to happen), but instead always in a holster or heavy duty pouch and clipped to my side out of the way. Much, much safer! :)

I agree with that but I like mine in my pocket and not laying out in customers homes or in the work van due to areas we work in sometimes. And we always have to have access to our van for tools because you know way to many tools lol

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Um, couple thoughts:

1) I see this and I see 3D phones all over again. Lots of gee-whiz, not much usefulness.
2) I am trading off a 1080p screen for a 720p screen just so I can have a curved phone (with no apparent purpose)?
3) How exactly does this fit in your pocket without making a huge curved bulge?
4) Won't this be weird to thumb type on?

IMHO this is all gimmick. Flexible screens will only be a benefit when they make a normal sized sub-5" phone that I can unfold into a 10" tablet. Now that I would buy.

There is absolutly nothing special in regards to this run of flexible but not yet displays. The retail will be high due to the curved nature of the G-Flex and higher than the launch price of the Note 3 and Iphone ect and does it warrent the premium NO.

I do like where this is going though but i will hold off as we are not quite there yet.

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IDK LG has been pretty good at keeping full retail prices pretty damn good recently, most if not all are cheaper than the competition starting prices for their flagships.

So it's clearly stable when it's on a table screen face down, but doesn't it mean that when the screen is facing up (which is how my phone would be when not in my pocket 99% of the time) it would always be wobbling and rocking back and forth like a rocking horse?