ASUS Transformer AiO PC

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We've got our hands on something from ASUS that we didn't think would be around, and that's the Transformer AiO PC. To be honest it's easy to miss as an Android device because this thing also dual boots Windows 8. This 18.4-inch behemoth isn't actually a desktop computer... it's a tablet. The stand and base with the ports serves as a docking station for this device which can be removed and operated fully anywhere. It's got a nice hefty handle at the top, and a sturdy kickstand at the bottom. It's definitely heavy, so this will be more like a room-to-room mover than an out-of-the-house kind of device.

There's a button on the side that flips between Windows 8 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean seamlessly whether it's docked or in "tablet" mode. The Transformer AiO is running an unspecified ARM chip, but when you place it in the dock, you have the full power of an Intel Core i7 processor to help out with performance (especially in Windows.) It's a little unclear how the processor and OS switching is happening, however.

This is definitely one of the weirder form-factors we've seen Android put on, but we enjoy the challenge of trying to understand the possible use cases for these things. Stick around after the break for several more pictures of the Transformer AiO.


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Hands-on with the ASUS Transformer AiO


the win8 system with its hardwares are all housed in the dock. While the massive tab itself runs android, when docked, the tab just switches the input from the ARM in the tab to the dock system, hence making it a just a screen rather android powered tablet.

Does it run Windows 8 just as a tablet or we only have Android as an option, not that I mind it, when not docked in?

Similarly, when docked in, it runs android off the core i7?

Have serious doubts regarding both, both the processors need to be housed along with the screen...

interesting i might get it. since im a windows and android user. that means i can now download torrents on a tablet and play android apps awesome.XD

I love this!!! I love Asus' tablets, had the Prime and now the Infinty. I have a 17" HP Envy laptop with an i7 and running Win7. I just might pick this beast up when its released as I want to get a Win8 laptop with an i7. This will be the PERFECT laptop with its amazing specs, having a detachable display making it a tablet, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY dual booting Android and Win8!!!!!!! That is just crazy awesome!!!! This beast seems too good to be true!! I'll be at the door when the store opens the day this is released, no doubt!!! Just love this!!! Gonna be showing this to everyone I know today, lol

I'm not sure about this device. Its great it can dual boot but why would anyone want to?

It's an 18" tablet with Two touch OS's with different eco systems just makes me think the real life use of this device will be schizophrenic some of the time and the rest of the time it will be used for one OS more than the other.

OK if its cheap enough schools may find it very useful but to me it feels like owning one of these would be a joyous, seamless experience. I can't help seeing needless complication in this gadget.

A thing without a mind cannot be schizofrenic, as that would imply some kind of mental function. I get what you mean, I just thought you should know that it doesn't mean what people think it does.

On topic though; This seems like an odd mix, but Android is good for media consumption and Windows is probably better for creation. My guess is that's what they were aiming for here.

Why would anyone want to? Personally, my tablets sit on the counter... next to a win 7 laptop.

Sometimes android is a better option, sometimes windows is. I could see this being useful, although not "must have."

Now if that large tablet part also had a dedicated HDMI-in so it could be used as an oversized tablet *or* a battery powered monitor, I'd be really interested.


I was wondering if this was still in the pipes. I remember hearing about it in July here on Android Central then never heard a thing about it. Searched for it like a month back and could only find news stories from July. Still strikes me as an interesting bit of kit. Glad to see it isn't dead.

Now I want to see specs and price!

" but we enjoy the challenge of trying to understand the possible use cases for these things"

Shouldn't that be the job of the manufacturer?

Dual booting Android and Windows would be fantastic.
If they made one more portable (7 or 10 inches) I'd be all over that.

Damn... I would actually buy a 14-15" version of this!! However, 18.4" is just too damn big to ever use as a tablet, even on your couch. :(

I wonder if the Windows8 still works when it's in tablet-mode, or is that mode limited to Android? And vice versa?

Very interested in pricing and availability. I wonder which i7 they put in ther? If it's quad-core and has decent battery life that would be perfect. It's gonna be expensive though, I'd bet $1500-2000.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Intel Atom is a x86 chip, so if you can run Android on Atom why can't you run it on Core chips? why do you need two processors in it? I would like to see a Android desktop or labtop, then I could truly leave M$ behind for good.