Acer A700

We dropped in to visit the folks at Acer and have a look at the Iconia A700, and it's impressive. The first thing you notice is how thin and light it is (9.9mm and 600grams, respectively), and then you turn it on. The 1920 x 1200 resolution will absolutely blow you away, and the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 inside pushes all those pixels nice and smoothly.

Acer's also made the A700 a complete media center. You have HDMI out, as well as HDMI to VGA support so you can use a projector, and the microUSB port supports USB host mode so you can connect things like your camera through the included micro to full size USB adapter. Now the switch to MHL in Ice Cream Sandwich (which the A700 ships with -- no "update soon" nonsense here) makes more sense. Add in features like Dolby Mobile 5.1 HD audio output and a microSD card slot, and this looks like one of the tablets to buy in 2012.

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Hands-on with the Acer Iconia Tab A700


There's a lot of hate for Acer around here, but I have and Acer netbook and an Acer laptop. Both have been reliable, durable, and an exceptional price-to-performance value. Where else could I have gotten a dual-GPU laptop that will run games quite well for under $500? I, for one, am stoked about this tablet, and it may just be the one to convert me to a tablet owner.

And the hate is justified. Their delivery time on software updates is just average when compared to others OEMs (which means that they are still late to the party with them). And they refuse to allow unlocking bootloaders or even acknowledge the issue on WiFi tablets... Why would you, as an OEM, feel the need to actively stifle development on a WiFi device like that?

The A700 looks like a nice piece of hardware, but do not expect timely support from Acer and the development community will be fairly small until they change their practices.

Which means it will just work, out of the box, no sending it back for modifications, no changing the specs after it is released to remove any mention of the faulty GPS and no supply problem.

Oh, and you will get updated, not abndoned.

Im upgrading the day this goes on sale.

Can it charge over microUSB? THAT is my single most important critetia for a tablet in 2012. I have picked up several 2A USB chargers recently. I like to travel light and carry one charger for my phone and tablet!

Video is stopping all the time because of the security device attached to the back, I have seen this phenomenon before on other tablets with the, security device stuck on the back causing touch problems.

Looks like he was having troubles with playback? After having a asus prime I think the tegra 3chip is full of bugs?


If it can't, then nothing else out there can either, since the tegra 3 is the hottest chip out there today.

Why would there be games that no chip could handle? Who would publish such games?

They forgot the MOST important information . . . when is forecast to be for sale? I love my A500, but this is a worthy upgrade.

Exactly! who cares about all of these phones and tablets if they aren't going to hit US stores until July. It would be helpful if android manufactures could be like apple and have their products in stores a week after they announce it. Until then MWC is meaningless IMHO.