It is always great to see successful iOS games make their way onto the Android platform, but sadly this isn't something we see every day. Guerrilla Bob, an action shooting game, brings some stunning graphics to Android, and offers some rather entertaining game play. Unlike many other applications, this game offers cross platform game play, which allows Android owners to play vs PC or iOS users if they so wish. In addition to this the game offers a Story Campaign, a Classic Survival Mode as well as a War Attack Mode, which will allow each user to find a style that is fitting for them. Guerrilla Bob has OpenFeint support, along with tons of other great features. For only $2.99 this game is certainly one you will want to check out. Game trailer to be found after the break, along with download information.

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boyla001 says:

This game is $1 in the App Store. Why does it cost so much on Android?

Insp_Gadget says:

Economics 101: Supply vs. Demand.

IamJAd says:

So that's why iPhone users have to pay for Angry Birds, but we get it for free?

jrz5024 says:

Not in this instance, since the good in question is non-rival in consumption. The higher price is likely due to higher production costs in porting the game to Android, as well as price discrimination on some basis (I won't speculate as to why).

bbalak says:

Price started at $3. Now it's down to $0.99. The developer has gotten all the money out of the Apple folks. It's time to get money from Android customers now. That's just business.

NiveusAranea says:

Looks good to me! Anyone tried it on the Xoom yet?

nttdemented says:

Runs PERFECT on my EVO with CM7. Absolutely smooth, good looking and fast paced. Awesome controls as well!

david2g says:

So game seemed really kwel, but wont work on EVO Shift. You cant use gun while walking. The only way you can do that is use slide out keyboard. But problem with slide out keyboard is meau button is on the same side as walk pad. so kind of hard to do with 2 hands. Hope they fix it and will re buy.

nttdemented says:

FYI. Game says to use back or menu key to fire and you cant use those at the same time as touching the screen on the EVO 4G either. Just tap anywgere on the screen an Bob will shoot.

frozencloud says:

funny how i find out more about these awesome games when i visit here rather than on tipb.