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Group messaging service GroupMe has had an invite-only beta program going for its latest update -- v4.0 -- since early November, and has now finally released it to the Play Store. This latest update brings a complete redesign to the app, with new fonts, colors and layout. It's now easier to send direct messages and access your chats from anywhere in the app with a new slide-out drawer on the left.

Version 4.0 also adds proper tablet support with a distinct UI, which should make many users happy, and GroupMe says that the overall app performance for every type of device should be improved with the latest update. If you're interested in checking out the latest version, head to the Play Store link above.

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Reader comments

GroupMe v4.0 exits beta with new design and tablet support


Love this app! I'm a grad student and my groups use it to keep each other up to date about projects. Nobody gets left out of messages and we don't have to keep checking Blackboard. The best part is that it doesn't charge for text messaging.

The new app might be good/better on a tablet, but it's a lousy change for the phone. New layout forces you to swipe to the side every time you want to look at your groups/threads. Unlike the previous version that showed all the threads in one view for the opening "home" layout, there is no view with all the groups in the main window anymore. The user is now forced to swipe and swap between different threads one at a time. This is particularly annoying, especially is you have multiple groups that frequently update throughout the day.