Greetings (finally, for some of us) from beautiful Berlin, Germany! I'm here with Alex Dobie and Richard Devine this week for the annual IFA conference, basically the CES of Europe.

We've already walked you through everything we expect to see this week, but we wanted to take a second and just say hi. And stay tuned for some fun this week!


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Greetings from Berlin and IFA 2013


Glad to hear you made it safely. Enjoy the time in Germany and stay safe. We're all looking forward to the great coverage of the event from AC.

Glad your long journey has ended. Seems like you've been traveling a full day :-).

Looking forward to Android Centrals coverage this week.

Now try and catch a catnap!

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I can't wait either! Should be awesome!

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Samsung said you can bring me back a Galaxy Note III for being such a great customer!

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If anyone's a good customer, it's good ol' Richard Yarrell, lol.

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Phil, can you tell us why the problems with android still exist? Even with modern hardware and optimized software, there is still LAG and general inconsistent behavior?

jiveturkey is probably referring to his experience with bloated Samsung devices like the S4 running too many apps on 9 GB of internal storage.

No problems with this year's HTC One.

Google and developers have made it clear running apps from external storage can cause lag and restarts. Android Central has reported about this many times.

From beautiful Berlin, Germany? Who else would think Berlin, Georgia? Obviously an American writing this lol.

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