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As a part of their 10-year anniversary for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games has announced that the classic console game will be finding its way to Android this fall. The original graphics will be included along with a few "enhancements" for mobile. It sounds like device compatibility is going to be limited for the time being, but they aren't telling us specifics just yet. 

The third-person shooter puts players in control of Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who has been sent from New York Liberty City to Miami Vice City after being in jail for a few years. While there's a main storyline, GTA games are well-known for their open-world exploration, allowing you to really soak in an exaggerated, parodied atmosphere of 1980's Florida. Of course, there's plenty of random acts of crime to indulge in, too.

GTA 3 has been available on Android since last December, and is actually on sale now for $0.99 as a part of the Vice City anniversary. Any big Vice City fans out there? How well did Rockstar do porting GTA 3 to Android?

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android announced


I knew this would happen eventually, but I'm still really excited for it. Vice City was just so awesome. I haven't played it in probably 6-7 years, but I'm looking forward to giving it another go.

Vice City is the only GTA game I've played really thoroughly, and I loved it. Excited it's coming to Android! Looking forward to playing it on my N7

I will second this.

I LOVED GTAIII, and Vice City, didn't play alot of SA or IV.

GTAIII was a great port, and is fun to play now and again, I will buy Vice City as well. Hopefully on a $.99 sale like III.

I have some trips coming up and my Nexus 7 is ready and waiting for some GTA action.

I tried this before and it didn't work that well, but the reviews say it's crashing less now.

Also, are games like this going to work on my OUYA? If so - this is a STEAL!!!

This was by far the best GTA game for me. The whole atmosphere, music, was like living in Florida. It had such an incredible story and it was a Scarface clone in many points. This is still better to me then GTA 4.

I will add this to my collection of Rockstar games I don't play for some reason. I think I'm turned off on the idea of on-screen controls and my BT controller is a pain to configure tailored to each game.

GTA III with the graphical enhancements (provided by devs on xda) and a sixaxis controller was a heavenly combination. I look forward to revisiting the next chapter in this lauded series.

Sounds great to mє, i'm a huge gta fan, the graphics on the gta 3 port were just as I expected them to be. They really held up over timє, i'll be looking forward to playing vice city again

I wouldget Gta san Andreas in a heartbeat. Best one. Great music so much u could do like getting buff or fat or learn shooting airplane and helicopter and so much more what non of any of those GTA did by now.

I loved this game this will be an instant buy from me I might even buy a bluetooth controller for a better playing experience

vice city was the first gta i played and its besides gta IV (+liberty city stories) the only gta whoes main story i actually finished :)
excited 2 get it on my galaxy note!

oops....what happened there? it was up then it wasn't now it doesn't appear at all..........I hope they sort it out soon