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As a part of their 10-year anniversary for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games has announced that the classic console game will be finding its way to Android this fall. The original graphics will be included along with a few "enhancements" for mobile. It sounds like device compatibility is going to be limited for the time being, but they aren't telling us specifics just yet. 

The third-person shooter puts players in control of Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who has been sent from New York Liberty City to Miami Vice City after being in jail for a few years. While there's a main storyline, GTA games are well-known for their open-world exploration, allowing you to really soak in an exaggerated, parodied atmosphere of 1980's Florida. Of course, there's plenty of random acts of crime to indulge in, too.

GTA 3 has been available on Android since last December, and is actually on sale now for $0.99 as a part of the Vice City anniversary. Any big Vice City fans out there? How well did Rockstar do porting GTA 3 to Android?

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android announced


I knew this would happen eventually, but I'm still really excited for it. Vice City was just so awesome. I haven't played it in probably 6-7 years, but I'm looking forward to giving it another go.

Vice City is the only GTA game I've played really thoroughly, and I loved it. Excited it's coming to Android! Looking forward to playing it on my N7

I will second this.

I LOVED GTAIII, and Vice City, didn't play alot of SA or IV.

GTAIII was a great port, and is fun to play now and again, I will buy Vice City as well. Hopefully on a $.99 sale like III.

I have some trips coming up and my Nexus 7 is ready and waiting for some GTA action.

I tried this before and it didn't work that well, but the reviews say it's crashing less now.

Also, are games like this going to work on my OUYA? If so - this is a STEAL!!!

This was by far the best GTA game for me. The whole atmosphere, music, was like living in Florida. It had such an incredible story and it was a Scarface clone in many points. This is still better to me then GTA 4.

I will add this to my collection of Rockstar games I don't play for some reason. I think I'm turned off on the idea of on-screen controls and my BT controller is a pain to configure tailored to each game.

GTA III with the graphical enhancements (provided by devs on xda) and a sixaxis controller was a heavenly combination. I look forward to revisiting the next chapter in this lauded series.

Sounds great to mє, i'm a huge gta fan, the graphics on the gta 3 port were just as I expected them to be. They really held up over timє, i'll be looking forward to playing vice city again

I wouldget Gta san Andreas in a heartbeat. Best one. Great music so much u could do like getting buff or fat or learn shooting airplane and helicopter and so much more what non of any of those GTA did by now.

Ah, jacking somebody's Infernus and cruising around the bay while "Crockett's Theme" is blasting through the speakers. Good times! This needs to happen now!

I loved this game this will be an instant buy from me I might even buy a bluetooth controller for a better playing experience

vice city was the first gta i played and its besides gta IV (+liberty city stories) the only gta whoes main story i actually finished :)
excited 2 get it on my galaxy note!

oops....what happened there? it was up then it wasn't now it doesn't appear at all..........I hope they sort it out soon