Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition

If you were looking to get a deal on a Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition, look no further. Woot! is selling the 16 GB variant of the tablet for just $364. The 32 GB model is available for $389. Both versions are factory reconditioned and are available in black and white color variations. The retail version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition is available for $479 for the 16 GB variant and $529 for the 32 GB model on Amazon.

As of writing, users have 17 hours or until stocks run out to avail the deal. The Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition launched just over eight months ago and features a 10.1-inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) screen, 3 GB RAM, Exynos octa-core CPU, 8220 mAh battery, 8 MP camera, 2 MP front shooter and has recently received an update to Android 4.4 KitKat. Head over to the source link below to buy the tablet.

Source: Woot!


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Grab a Galaxy Note 10.1 - 2014 Edition on Woot! for $364


I can see some advantage with the physical button.

1. My Nexus 4 claims to have 4.7 screen. But it is more like 4.5 inch, since the soft buttons take up half inch. Same with my nexus 7. Most apps, except for video apps, do not use the full screen. My wife's galaxy s4 on the other hand has a completely usable 5 inch.

2. It's easier to wake up a sleeping screen with a hardware home button.

I can live without point 2, but I hope most apps soon take advantage of the full screen. Especially the Kindle app.

Huh, is there a tablet out there that doesn't have one? And no, Microscrew doesn't count. Even the iPad has one. So rather than trying to find a button on the side in the dark when, in the middle of the night, a great idea comes to me and I need to write it down, I hit the hardware home button. Voila! I'm not fumbling around. I think you have unreasonable expectations, sir.

I love, love, LOVE this Note edition. I have a SG4 and flip between them with no problems. And like someone else said, I think this is by far, the best tablet out there.

It's not the worst thing. I do like having the full use of the screen as shrestha stated. The downside to this tablet is that if you hold it in portrait view which I tend to do, you could accidentally hit the touch buttons next to the hardware button with your palm/hand/finger. It can get annoying. Of course I just flip it around and then they are on the other side and don't poss a problem.

So what I'm trying to say is one benefit of on screen button (nexus 4/7/10) is that they rotate with the device.

I wish I would have held out for 3 more months before I bought mine. Could have saved a bit.

IMO, this is the greatest tablet in the history of tablets and I am including the stone ones the Egyptians used and the PADD from Star Trek! This thing is a beast. At this price, it is a steal.

like rchapman80, I have learned to flip it around when reading Kindle books. But other than that, I really LIKE the hardware button. By far the easiest way to securely wake the tablet. And the stylus is really nice. I am surprised how much I use that as the navigation tool of choice. No fingerprints is just one bonus.
This is a really great tablet...I wish I had gotten this deal on it, but even without that I still love it.

bought mine. Thanks for the heads up, going to sell my original 10.1 . I would say buy the 32 gb as unless you unlock it Samsumg puts a lot a crap you do not want on their phones and tablets and you do not have a lot of free space for apps and downloads that have to go on the main drive. I take a lot of notes at meetings and then forward them to my support staff. I like the using the pen as I diagram also from time to time with clients and my notes go right to Evernote.