Have complete control over your Dayframe images with Dayframe Prime

When Dayframe first launched in November, we hinted that a Prime version with more great features was on its way. It's landed today, and the developers have a special price for the first 1,000 installs at just 99-cents. Afterwards, the price will bump to $2.99 for a bit, then ramp to $4.99 when all the features are complete.

What features you ask? Well the current iteration includes:

  • Custom Playlists — Create and arrange playlists with as many photostreams you want
  • Advanced Screensaver Timer — Advanced screensaver timers let you decide when each playlist is shown. Create and save routine playlists for mornings, evenings, and days of the week while at home and work.
  • Brightness Timer — Use the Brightness timer to adjust your screen brightness for days and evenings.
  • App Timer — The App timer lets you routinely launch apps on schedule - handy for dedicated table top or regular bedside use. Rotate between Dayframe and an alarm clock, news feed, etc.
  • Local Weather

Future plans include syncing between devices, and Chromecast support.

It's a great way to show off pictures from juts about any location, and the Prime feature list is great. Jump on this while it's only a buck!

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jimbo says:

Thanks Jerry
Couldn't resist at 99 cents. Will use on my future tablet.

moosc says:

OK bought for..99¢ time to read what I just bought

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skraggy says:

Hehe... did the same thing. Click, Purchase, Read Description.

kenmid says:

lol, i just did the same thing. It just download to my Nexus 10 going go check it out.

ABD501 says:

Lol did the same thing!

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ejraney says:

Read headline, downloaded app, came back and read the article.

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+1 Bought with Google Opinion Rewards money so my apps are financing my apps!

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jboogie1289 says:

Nice. I forgot I still had some of those survey credits. Purchase.......check!!

del913 says:

did the samething... kinda suprised it was still $.99

DirkBelig says:

OK, glad to see I wasn't the only one who did this.

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munnarg says:

This free $75 from Samsung is coming in pretty handy lately :)

TheIowaKid says:

Developers take notice. We buy anything Jerry tells us. -HildenBots.

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enoch861 says:

I bought this but have no idea what to do with it. haha, oh well.

JasonF says:

Bought it. Not sure what it is yet.

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unglued94ta says:


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I downloaded. Nice app.

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appmy says:

Glad I'm not the only one who bought it without knowing exactly what it was. I do have an old tablet laying that will be re-purposed. Neat app

TLB69 says:

May I get on the "I just purchased an app and I don't know what the heck it does boat?" :-D

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TLB69 says:

.99+50.00=Buy :-D

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DataHawg says:

Thanks for posting this, big guy. Installed it on my N7 a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Got in on the 99 cent deal and looking forward to Chromecast support. Still available as of 7:50pm Pacific time

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Joe1136 says:

Ok what did Jerry just make us buy ? LOL j/k but I'm sure it's good

suavehouse says:

No clue what this is, but for a buck.... Why not? Bought. I'll probably forget I have it and never use it... Ho hum...

dandm4life says:

Thanks for the tip!