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Google's own window into the night sky is all set to head down the open-source road. The Google Sky Map application has been massively successful, currently boasting over 20 million users. Not bad considering this app was created in part just to show off the capabilities of the early Android smartphones. 

Now though, Google has decided that it is "donating Sky Map to the community." Through a collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, future development of the application will be the result of student projects. In addition to this, the app itself has been open-sourced, allowing budding astronomers to take the code and "augment it as they wish."

You'll find download links to Google Sky Map after the break -- it's still a brilliant way to show off what Android can do. 

Source:Google Research Blog


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Google Sky Map getting open sourced


Such a refreshing story to read, especially after reading about Apple's current law suit against the "slide to unlock" feature on the Nexus.

Google sky map will be truly awesome in a very short time.

I really hope the community can fix this. The Sky map worked great on my OG Droid but on my Gnex not so much. I can turn 360 and the map barely shifts. I loved this app.

Exactly... I used this app ALL the time on my Incredible. The GNex just doesn't adjust to where you're looking. Really disappointing.

So this will be maintained the way Google My Tracks is right now? Supported by a volunteer team of supporters? I hope so because I'd really hate to see this wonderful app fade away.