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Google is recruiting Android enthusiasts to staff a "Nexus call center," according to reports from Google is said to be using a third-party company to recruit from campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, in time for the next Nexus launch.

An advertisement doesn't mention Google by name, but an ad mentioning a "confidential client" in the Mountain View area, which recently launched an Android tablet doesn't leave much to the imagination. reports that it's sources say Google is aiming to have this Nexus call center fully staffed and trained by the end of the month.

A dedicated Nexus call center for its upcoming flagship phone would help Google to bolster its customer service credentials, an area that's been singled out for criticism when earlier Nexus devices launched. It's also adds more weight to recent reports of an LG-built Nexus being announced, and possibly launched, in late October.



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Google reportedly hiring staff for Nexus call center, to open late October


I think this is a pretty strong indicator for a launch at the end of the month/early November. Exciting!

Is there any speculation on what type of event they'll be hosting assuming rumors are true? LG or Google sponsored (or perhaps both). I wouldn't be surprised if they announced more than just a new Nexus phone.

Wouldnt mind working for them, because being an android and openminded person, working for apple can be a challenge sometimes.

Oooh. Well, it appears they are trying to improve their customer service at Google after the horrible experiences with the Nexus 7 launch. (That would be a good thing!) Glad to see that they are willing to admit/attempt to fix the problem!

Im not questioning your integrity or anything, but would you mind explaining the "Horrible Experiences" from the N7 launch. I cant think of anything outside of the looseness of screen/bezel. Than again, I never bought the N7 at launch. Thanks !

The shipping debacle on Nexus 7 pre-orders for one.
The failure of communication regarding known issues such as the WPA2 Enterprise problems that were only fixed with the 4.1.2 update.

The shipping issues on pre-orders is what I was referring to. A good bit of the public (including me) feel that pre-orders should arrive at customers houses the same day that they are available in store, or at LEAST ship out the same day. Most people who pre-ordered didnt get their N7s until 5-7 days after they were available in store. This led to a massive amount of people trying to contact Google to find out the status of their preorder, cancel orders, etc.. The wait times on hold were approximately 45 minutes and longer before they finally just put an automated message up and stopped taking calls (not a very good solution to try and keep happy customers in my opinion).

This is what I was referring to. By hiring more people, they can better respond to orders, cancellations, or questions that may arrive if any situation occurs again.

I respectfully disagree with that assessment on shipping pre-ordered items. Its a rare occurrence when a pre-ordered item arrives on the same day as the release date. It doesn't happen with physical software, physical game release or movies. Unless you buy it digitally, the item is shipped on the same day its slated for release. Receiving a physical item on day one would be impossible to regulate because no vendor would have control over Fedex, ups, or usps. Some people will get their package one day earlier and everybody else will be on the forums whining.

IMO there was no problem. Its the fact that we have become people expecting instant gratification and the knowledge that another person getting a material thing before we do drives us batty. I think there was unrealistic expectations from a demanding group of teenager-esque geeks.

When I pre-ordered my N7 I fully expected it to be shipped on that day it was released and it would be in my hands a week later. I knew full well that it was possible that I could buy it at the stores on that day as well. I happened to not care if I got it that very first day.

This is a good indicator that Google is committed to the Nexus program and hopefully wants to see it grow in the near future. Good news!

It takes longer than a few weeks to train and staff a complete call center. I would look for a Nexus announcement in late October followed by a release in mid to late November. And thats pushing it.... Just my $0.02.

I bet they will need to hire a lot of support staff to handle those numerous angry calls from customers who are livid that their brand new phone is out of storage after 1 week of use and would like to return the worthless POS. Maybe then, they'll learn that 8gb of internal storage is unacceptable in this day and age.

I am happy to see they are willing to have a call center in the good'ole US of A. Love calling Microsoft help...