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We’ve just reached the final expiration date of the Google Wallet prepaid card.

Google announced the end of its early payment experiment just last month, and has started phasing out the card today, as promised. It set a relatively near cut-off date of Sept. 17 where people would not be able to add funds to their cards, so that service has been unavailable for a full month already.

The card itself expires today, so users won’t be able to use them any longer. Refunds on existing balances can be requested from today, however.

The move comes at a time where Google is moving quickly to pack in more compatibility with credit and debit cards in Google Wallet. The prepaid option was a stopgap allowing early adopters to add funds to the Google Wallet app, which previously only supported Citi’s MasterCard.

This is only going to affect users in the US, as the app has not been made available to users in other regions.

If you haven’t spent what’s left in your balance, Google is allowing users to request a refund of their remaining funds here.


Reader comments

Reminder: Google prepaid card ends today


I have a small balance also but I think it will be cool to have a check from Google so I am going to request a refund.

I have $10 and i am going to lose it. I really dont care about it now.
Hopefully when new Nexus comes out i will start using google wallet.
ATT blocked wallet on my Nexus

Why would you lose it? The information you need is in the about section in your settings on your phone.

The form you fill out is an online form.

The device ID they talk about finding in the wallet app is the same number as the device serial number in the about section of your phone settings, at least on my phone (EVO 4 G LTE) it was the same.

The only thing you would need to remember is what email you used and you can just sign into the wallet website to figure that out.

You don't need the wallet app installed to fill out the refund form. All the information can be found in your phone settings.

Guess I'll be going for the $.06 check. Had I known this would happen I wouldn't have used it all on apps I didn't care much about...

I keep seeing posts about people using phones with Google Wallet "blocked". Hopefully you guys know that you can sideload Wallet without rooting on most phones. Also, shouldn't some action be taken as this is purely an anti-competitive move on the carrier's side? Shutting down Wallet to favor their own service?

Mine no longer appears either, but it may have been because I've been flashing new ROMS and sideloaded again after 9/17. I have $6 under one account and $10 on another, but it was all Google's money.

Does anyone know if Google will be refunding if the balance left was part of the $10 and my VZW Nexus was never officially supported?

I wonder why you only have a choice between a check and a card. Seems to me they could just give folks the option to transfer that balance to their Google Play account and maybe save a few bucks making the card or cutting the check, and sending it out.

I know that if I request that card, I'm only going to be able to use $8.67, then good luck finding anything I actually want that costs exactly $1.32. Or worse, I'll just lose the damn thing. If it's in my play account, I'll use it. In no time.