Google Play Refund email

New "Saver" shipping option for $3.99 added, Two Day now just $11.99.

Happen to pick up a new Nexus 7 Sleeve yesterday despite the outrageous shipping costs? Well, you're likely to have your shipping costs refunded as customers have been receiving the above email tonight from Google Play. Anyone who pulled the trigger on a Nexus 7 Sleeve yesterday paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $18 to $22 for shipping on the accessory, which was a bit much considering the sleeve itself was only $29.99.

Those who purchased the sleeve yesterday are receiving refunds back on their cards, and in our case it was for $24.07 ($21.98 + sales tax) because we had chosen the 2-day shipping on our sleeve. So if you ordered your sleeve early, you're essentially getting free shipping in the end.

Google has dropped the shipping prices and included a third option, meaning that you can now choose between "Saver" 5-10 day shipping for $3.99, "Ground" 3-5 day for $7.99 or "Two Day" for $11.99. These shipping prices are much closer to what we'd expect to pay when buying a $29.99 accessory, and we're glad to see Google fix these and refund the first customers that purchased.


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Google Play refunds Nexus 7 Sleeve shipping, lowers shipping rates


Now they just have to fix the price of the item itself. Kinda pricey imo

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Right? I thought Google Play was all about making devices affordable but at the same time their cases, sleeves, and other side items are skyrocketed to a ridiculous price.


Please to tell me you're joking. Taking a loss/breaking even on your primary product to create pull through business for add ons is the oldest trick in the book.

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That doesn't have anything to do with the fact that a neoprene sleeve I can get for like $10 at walmart, or way cheaper on Amazon, isn't worth $30

It's still too expensive for a sleeve. W Shipping n tax 40$ would be unrealistic even if it's Made in USA.

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