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Gameloft isn't the only one putting their Android wares on discount for the long weekend; Google Play has an official end of summer sale that has quietly started, with many apps already discounted. Check out this search to see what's currently discounted, and expect that list to grow as the weekend wears on. We've received a few tips about the impending sale, but we're still waiting for a big promotional banner on the front page of Google Play, or some equally obvious place to find all of the discounted apps in one spot. (Update: Ahh, here we go.)

Have you found any particularly great apps with recent discounts? 


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Google Play kicks off end of summer sale


I've already got several of the apps listed but I did just now buy Business Calendar. I like it better than Pocket Informant and I've been using the free version so I decided to go ahead and buy it.

Shades of the $0.10 sale last year. Love it. Keep em coming.

PS. Waiting for Horn to appear on the list. lol.

Hmmm, that search brings up 3 pages of results for me...but when I click to see the 2nd or 3rd page of results it comes back saying no results found :(

You can just go to and all apps are listed there or download the for appsales on Google play

I'm right there with you, as soon as I saw the phone version listed I went and checked the tablet version only to be met with disappointment.