Google Play Gift Cards

Digital coupon brings discounts to select retailers

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else, or you just like a good deal yourself, you will want to check this out. Select retailers are offering a discount on Google Play gift cards to the user of a digital coupon. The current offer gets you $2.50 off of a $25 gift card and $5 off of a $50 gift card. While the discounts may not be huge, it is the equivalent of a few free songs or a free app for yourself.

The promotion is available the retailers listed in the image above and ends on 1/11/14 or when supplies have run out. If you are interested be sure to act quickly on this deal.

Thanks, Ali!

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jeddo45 says:

Yes! This is great news seeing the fact that most of my buds have android phones! Perfect gift!

Nexus 5...enough said

JTIII says:

Important safety tip: Google play cards can't be used for devices, even those on the Google Play store. It's for Digital Media (Apps, Video, eBooks, and Music) only.

chrismage says:

Damn only in the USA.

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Ry says:


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GypsyDog says:

The Kroger "group of companies."

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ne0ne says:

Can't be used to purchase hardware off Google play which kinda sucks

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alexlam24 says:

That's why the $25 gift card I got disappointed me

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thatguy97 says:

Just curious what can get off the google play hardware store

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pilotnh says:

Doesn't look like any companies are in New England? :(

you could buy 7 of these and get the 16gb nexus 5 for $315 or buy 4 of them and get 20 off a nexus 7... not bad

**EDIT** just saw @ne0ne comment above. Bummer about the hardware restriction.

afazel says:

That's a pretty good pic!

d3c509b says:

also the gift cards cannot be used to pay for google play music all access subscription.
I picked up several of these @ costco, but ended up giving most away as gifts.

I did buy some gems for Clash of Clans #dontjudgeme

Piggly Winks says:

Costco has $60 worth of cards for $4x-ish

DrLouie says:

Where do you get the digital coupon?

JTIII says:

Log onto your local Kroger Family Store's website (or just go to, since they're all linked). Create an account. Add your shopper rewards card to your account. Go to coupons. Find the Google Play coupon, and add it. (It's digitally added to your rewards card.) Then, use your shopper rewards card during checkout, and the coupon will automatically be applied.

DrLouie says:


hldc1 says:

Link for Ralph's:

Link for Kroger:

For either site, select "General" under "Category" on the left-hand side. You apparently need to have a Ralph's or Kroger card as the coupon will be tied to your card.

thatguy97 says:

So I can save $3.50 on a 25 dollar gift card or 5 bucks on a 50 dollar gift card blah

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