Nexus 10 dock

That "Happy Holidays from Android" video was adorable, wasn't it? Well if you weren't taken back by the Android meeting up with all of his bugdroid friends for a holiday get-together, you may have noticed a Nexus 10 being put in a dock on a desk. Alongside a Nexus 4 and a couple of Nexus 7's, the biggest Nexus was dropped right into this dock you see above to show off a Photo Sphere.

The Nexus 7 dock has come up for pre-order through 3rd party retailers in the last couple days. Your guess is as good as ours when the Nexus 10 dock could make an official retail appearance.

Grab another look at the video after the break. The Nexus 10 fun starts around 1:00 in, and you can see it again at 1:14.

Thanks, rfmike!


Reader comments

Google not-so-subtly reveals Nexus 10 dock in holiday video


Great, they finally deliver docks for a tablet that is 6 months old and the other one that is two months old. Yet you still can't get them in retail and I am sure Google's awesome inventory management system will make shopping in time for the Holiday's so easy.

If Google really wants to compete and drive innovation in their Nexus products they need to get the OEM's to a) actually make the product in sufficient quantities to deliver them, b) make accessories in time for product launch and c) get accessory companies behind the product. The first two Google can actually control, the last is more about user demand, but if you can't get one why would anyone make an accessory for one.

Which tablet is two months old? It obviously isn't the Nexus 10, because that was released 5 weeks ago…
And which is 6 months old? The Nexus 7 can't be it, because that came out 5 months ago…
Please be accurate with your sarcasm, good sir.

Poor Nexus 4 without a dock, just has to get propped up in a box. Not even a make-believe dock like the tablets have.