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It's something that shouldn't come as a surprise, and something we commented on yesterday, but now we have official word from Google that the UK won't be getting Play Music, Magazines or TV shows in time for its Nexus 7 launch. Old Blighty, which has Play Books, Apps and Movies, has long been without streaming Music support (without proxy-based black magic, at least), and wasn't included in Google's initial roll-out of TV and Magazine services.

A Google spokesperson told The Inquirer, "The UK version will feature all of the options currently available in the UK Play store." That'll be apps, books and movies only, then.

Though we recently bemoaned the lack of certain Google Play services internationally, we were holding out hope that a last minute switch-on might coincide with the Nexus 7 launch, so it's disappointing that that's not the case. Nevertheless, the Nexus 7 is still great value at its £159 price point. If you're considering picking one up, let us know if the lack of some Google Play services has you thinking twice.

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Source: The Inquirer


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Google: No Play Music, TV or Magazines for UK Nexus 7 at launch


Blame the content providers, not Google. What are they supposed to do if they can't get reasonable licensing agreements?

No thanks :P

My Google Wallet account has already been through enough, at the moment i can't even use it anymore because all transactions get auto-cancelled by google.

I am disappointed by this news, and I know it isn't Google fault entirely but they surely could make a very good case to the higher ups in the entertainment industry that the Nexus 7 is the device that shows the UK is a good place to launch Google Music too (or something along those lines). I won't be cancelling my pre-order, still looking forward to this device greatly, just really hope Google Music comes before the year is out. Not fussed about Magazines as I prefer good ol' paper to read mags and books from.

I guess it'll be the same for Canada.

Uggh. And slowly the shine starts fading away from my future Nexus 7. Great for browsing. But, yet again, Google makes it difficult for me to give them my money.

Google better get it's act together on content and universality of their services (like Google Wallet and Google Music). If they don't, Apple could run them over, if it launches a cheaper, smaller iPad.

If only there was some respected and popular online Android blog that could actually ask Google for a timeframe for release to other countries.

But who could do that?

*scratches head*

I just don't know which popular online ANDROID blog that plays a CENTRAL role in the android community could ask Google the question.

Any ideas?

As I said before, I only intend to use books and apps on this tablet. Anything else I am not really interested in, but will be a bonus if it available.

I will still look forward to my Nexus 7 and I will in no way be changing my mind. I would like access to the extra media content but I do not currently use them anyway so not a loss (by that I mean I do not use iTunes version of TV shows or any UK tablet based magazines)

But I, like most, would like the option to use these additional Google Play contents, as and when required.