Google Maps

Google has updated the Google Maps app for Android to version 5.9.0, bringing continued improvements to Transit Navigation, along with a new Labs feature. Here's a rundown of what you'll find in the latest version --

  • Voice and ring tone notifications for Transit Navigation (Beta)
  • Tablet support for Transit Navigation (Beta)
  • 'Bubble Buttons' Lab to add call and navigate buttons to results on the map (see above)

The Transit Navigation changes should be welcomed by anyone that's ever missed their stop on the train or bus, and we always like a new Labs feature to play with. Head to the Android Market to grab the latest update, or use the QR code after the jump.

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yibrushn says:

finally fixed my issue with navigating to contacts.

dcreed says:

Everyone had that issue. Would be nice if, when they introduce such a moronic bug, they'd fix it a tad faster.

El Jefe says:

Nice! I love the new Labs feature.

Finally a worthwhile update instead of them only upgrading Latitude like they have been lately.

-IRON- says:


Is there anyway to save destinations within google navigation?

icebike says:

Why not just star it in Google maps?

All you stared places are saved in my places. They show op in nav as well.

streetdegree says:

for the love of god, bring back my maps editor!!!!!!

BlackHawkA4 says:

Love the new bubble buttons. Lol. Cal ans navigate. Awesome.

Just an fyi this is the third I believe since the new market that the only knew of the update because of Android cenral. I never get notifications from the market. Even worse. I don't even get auto updates for the apps I have checked to do so.

icebike says:

Seriously, you expect auto updates on something that is on every single android device worldwide all at the same time?

Seems as tho they forgot to add the bubbles feature to contacts in latitude. Would be nice to have it there also

dougxd45 says:

Has the issue with auto-dimming in Navigation mode been resolved?

cheko says:

the big problem is that each update to the google apps,also increase the size. they have to find the way to fix this.

El Jefe says:

How do you suggest someone add features while decreasing application size?

VCL says:

Great update to an already great application.
Thanks Google

PS - please buy T-Mobile USA

dphorgan2#AC says:

How many people are out there like me? I don't own a dedicated GPS device because of Google Maps and it's turn by turn directions.

Ledge says:

My "in car" navigation unit never gets used these days because of Google nav

theoneuafter says:

I own one, but barely use it now.

rod_munch says:

when i try to update, google tells me that my package is too large. i don't see how this is googles business.

Googlett says:

Surely you can afford to be a little more gracious you ingrate!