Samsung Chromebook

Chromebooks, Google's thin client browser-only laptop experiment, are getting a refresh today with a new cheaper option. The new Chromebook seems to have similar design features as the previous Samsung Series 5 model -- matte grey plastic and understated lines -- and is a generally nice looking device. The difference here is that this device will sell full-priced at $249, a huge drop from the $449 of the previous versions. Probably the most significant change with this release is the movement to an ARM processor from Intel previously.

The Samsung Chromebook now sports an Exynos 5 dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and 16GB of storage (and 100GB of free Google Drive storage for 2 years). It has a 1366x768 11.6-inch matte display, and has USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI and an SDcard slot.

The new $249 Chromebook goes on pre-order from online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and PC World starting today. Next week it will officially go on sale from the same retailers, as well as directly from Google via the Play Store.

Source: Google Chrome Blog; Engadget


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Google launches new, cheaper Samsung Chromebook


I've had one for a few weeks, I hardly use my main laptop anymore, no real point, this thing works great, some things still dont work offline, like editing speadsheets, but im connected 99% of the time, so no worries there. I also get about 7 hours out of heavy usage (compared to 6 out of my macbook pro)

I'm in the same boat, had mine for three months. I have a high end laptop, Nexus 7 and My Chromebook is my preferred laptop collects dust. I can get 7 1/2 hrs out of the battery in continuous use and all day if I put it to sleep. Price was one of the main reasons many wouldn't buy. Although a budget model, at this price it should be a no brainier for those who want to try one.

Actually thinking about getting this 250$ one, would be great for when I don't wanna sit at my desk and I have google drive and music already so yeah we all good :)

this looks sweet and the price is right. I'll have to do some research and see some comparison video/specs between this and my Asus tablet with keyboard dock before making a decision.

it just occured to me...being a Chome browser, this will not support Flash, right? that might be a huge turn off for non tech people that do not keep up on tech news.

Don't confuse Chrome on Android with Chrome anywhere else. It supports Flash just fine but HTML5 is preferred. It's only the Android version of Chrome that lacks support.

oh yeah. what was I thinking? thanks for the info. guess my brain is in weekend mode a few days early.

That said, this isn't Linux on x86 like prior Chromebooks and can't just leverage the existing Linux flashplayer. Adobe might not have ported Flash to ARM.

But it's a good question: can this run Flash? Or Java?

I might have to grab one at this price. Might be what I start recommending for my family/friends.

Holy Moley. I have been holding off on buying a new laptop since mine and the wifey's both died. Waiting and looking for a good deal. This might just be what I have been waiting for. Damn nice job Sammy.

This is what I've been waiting for!! My laptop broke a month or so ago. And I was thinking about getting a Chromebook or a Nexus 7. With the Chromebook at $250 now....I can get both!!

I'm not at all sold on Chrome OS (portable machines NEED offline functionality) but if someone shoehorns Android or Linux on this, I may consider getting one. In the market for a good netbook and this looks like hardware wise a good choice.

Question on the Chrome Book<

Could I use the Chrome Book for rooting my Android Phones and sharing files ect? That is basicly what I use my Windows laptop for and it is getting old in the tooth. For $249.00 it's a pretty sweet deal. Any input would be welcomed.

Hmm.. It's a big divergence from prior Intel-based ChromeBooks. Does this support Flash, Java and/or the Citrix receiver?

The other caveat is that screen resolution: in an era when phones are approaching or exceeding this resolution, and tablets are blowing past it, it's a little chintzy.

This would be a good for option for someone like mom in her late 70's. She still uses an earthlink mailstation for email. But if that should ever break, there would be no way to replace it and they don't sign up new accounts or transfer existing ones even to used machines. This would allow her a little bit more than the mailstation so she could see pictures and browse the internet. They have another computer but it's usually busy. I hesitate to get her anything without someone there to help her if she gets confused but this might be simple enough. Will have to look at it when it comes to best buy.

I don't know. If I buy a Windows7 netbook I get the capability for more memory, storage and compatibility with most every device and ap. Will this Chrome OS play Poweramp and Neutron? I can put a 256G SSD in a W7 netbook and up to 4g memory. Or I can put in a 1T HD.
Please convince me, because this does look like a neat kit with USB3 and great battery life.

If you want 100gb Google drive that is a $120 value for 2 years so might as well get one in that case

I have been looking at the ChromeBox for my home but at $329 they are too expensive considering I have to supply the monitor. Plus Chomebox and Chromebooks have issues with printing. I you either need a printer connected to a Windows pc or you need a cloud printer that supports Google Cloud Print.

But if the Chomebox were $250 I'd jump on it.

I wish it had the free 100MB/mo 3G for two years. And the option for 1GB data for $20 with Verizon that they have on their more expensive model. Give us this for $300 and you will sell a gazillion of these.

That's what's ironic.. I don't believe you can use a ChromeOS computer to root or load ROMs on an Android phone. You need Windows. I don't think there is any driver support out there for rooting on a Chrome OS device.

No it won't. But in my home we have 4 windows laptops (3 win7 1 xp). 1 Ubuntu laptop. And 2 desktops. 2 gnex, rezound, bionic, droid x, 2 incredible, 2 Eris's, 2 vizio tabs and an Acer iconia a500.
I know, sick, isn't it.

I thought i was nuts wanting a chrome book with two desk tops, 1 xoom, 1 nexus 7, 1 lenovo a1, 2 lenovo laptops (Ubuntu and windows) 1 lenovo netbook Ubuntu, 1 dinc2, 2 og droid, gnex, 1wpdn and a nook color. crazy right abtxpress

With the price of $250. Seems like a good deal. What can beat this for the price? speaking laptops that is.

I've never considered these because of the price, but now it might make sense. dumb question What do these things run besides the browser - Can they run windows 7 apps....Android Apps or do these only run apps from the Chrome store?

Say you have this thing for two years, put all your media in there, along with cherished memories, and everything you want to remember in Google docs. What is your recourse when Google wants to start charging you $10/month to access it and keeps jacking up the price. Are Google services price guaranteed in any way? Or at that point will you be a hostage of your own design, stuck paying whatever your memories are worth to you?

Say you needed a storage space for some belongings and you found one that was real cheap but they insisted you could not take the key with you. Would you not be intetested in knowing every condition around obtaining that key in the future? As far as i know, google has not specified these terms.

You can always buy an external drive for under a hundred to store all the memories you'd have on there if you don't want to continue to pay Google's monthly fee once the free 2 years run out.

I need help!! My beautiful wife purchased the chromebook for me as I am a first year graduate student and was in desperate need of a laptop for class. She also got me a printer. My problem is that I cannot hook my printer to the computer without an adapter. I will also need an adapter for wired internet service. Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase a dual adapter for both ethernet and printer cords? Please help, class starts for me next week!!!!