After hearing reports awhile back that Indian users were seeing paid apps, Google has finally announced that it is launching a huge expansion in the number of nations that can buy and sell paid applications on the Android Market. Developers in 20 new nations will now be able to sell paid apps, brining the total  up to 29. In addition, Google plans to enable the purchasing of paid apps in 18 additional countries over the next few weeks, brining that total to 32. The majority of additions come from Europe and South America, but there are a number of other nations included as well. Click past the read link to get the full list and to see if your country has been included. [Google]


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Google expands paid app support to a ton of new countries


I saw blue and yellow in the picture above and just went "YES" really loudly in my office. This is brilliant, it's going to make my life so much easier.

That's awesome news! This will translate into more apps and hoping for a lot more must haves. Good luck to all the developers out there...

Took long enough but good work Google! Now if they'll just add navigation support for Australia too, I'll be completely happy :P.

I still don't understand why they want to limit sales to certain countries. Why would any developer want to limit his app to certain countries and not make as many sales as possible?

They may not WANT to limit it.

But they have to follow the laws of all those countries. Banking regulations, Visa/Amex restrictions, currency regulations, tax reporting.

Swiftkey had to work with google to offer Swiftkey in the US in terms of US Dollars, because some credit cards would not let you charge something in British Pounds. There are a bazillion little details like this in every country.

I have always found Fede to be very responsive and the fact that he found a way to commercialise his product whilst officially excluded from the Market, is testimony to his business acumen. Remember that he is a one man band, achieving huge amounts in a timely manner. Hopefully access to the Market will allow him to have the commercial success his efforts deserve.

I'm still waiting for PayPal support as this will make it so I'm not charging a bunch of small things to my Credit Card.

Why would that bother you?

Are you getting charged per-transaction or something? If so, get a different card.

Micro Payments are the future.

29 + 18 = 32? The new math? LOL!!

edit: Well, guess it might be # of countries able to sell vs. # of countries able to purchase that I'm adding together...figured they'd be hand-in-hand as where you can sell would seem to be where you can purchase too, so my new math is off. Doh!