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Back when Google Wallet first launched, Google also launched their own, pre-paid credit card for use with the mobile application. Then, just recently the service was opened up to allow the addition of other credit cards. Today, we're receiving emails in our inbox from Google themselves with further Wallet related news. As a result of opening up the service to other cards, the Google pre-paid card is going away. So you need to spend that money, and spend it soon.

It isn't just over, just like that, though. There are some key dates provided that run down to the discontinuation of the card. On September 17, additional funds can no longer be added to the card. Then, following behind a month later on October 17, the card will disappear completely from Google Wallet. If you still have remaining funds on there though, don't panic, you will be able to request a refund. 

One further point to note however, is that resetting the application after September 17 will also remove the card. And it can't be re-added. So, probably better to spend your money first. 


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Google discontinuing their pre-paid credit card from Google Wallet


Google made prepaid card because not a lot of cards were supported by wallet at that time but now it can go away since all major cards are supported.

or perhaps because they are getting ready to announce google wallet for more carriers than just sprint and dont want to give away too much money?? or is that just wishful thinking?

There is an option to add Reward Cards. I cannot find in Help a definition /descriptor of a Rewards Card. I know if I assign my Cash Back Credit Cards as credit cards in Google Wallet I will not receive cash back when using those cards. As a result, I would forgo about $300.00 / year when using Google Wallet instead of the physical card.

Can anyone help me make sense of this?

So if I have to reset google wallet to change roms after the 17th the card and funds will disappear on the new rom?

So about that refund and the free $10 I never got to spend because nobody here supports NFC payments...

I'm amazed at the issues being presented. Seems like people are more concerned about rooting and Google's complimentary $10.00 than a bigger issue, IMO, about the value of Google Wallet relative to Cash Back Rewards Credit Cards as described in the above post.

Perhaps you guys really need Google's complimentary $10.00 yet haven't had the presence of mind to use Google Wallet over the past 2 to 3 months.

Sad, so pitiful for you.

For those of you looking for places that take NFC, look no further than your local Mickey-D's or BK. BOTH stores nationwide in the US and Canada (And I think several Euro countries + Australia & NZ) have implemented NFC terminals everywhere.

Keep in mind that NFC is good for more than Google Wallet, as it works with the RFID chips in many major credit and debit card brands as well.

I've seen NFC terminals primarily in fast food restaurants and in grocery stores. I've seen a couple in other chain stores such as Walmart, Target and Lowes as well.

So there is no shortage of places to use NFC, at least in the US and Canada. If you haven't found one yet, you either live in "East Bumfsck, Backwaterstan", or you aren't looking hard enough.

has someone actually tried this in canada at BK or MC-Ds? not a fan of either but would be good to know to try out.

CVS accepts it but at the one I am close to, the terminal is broken. The office Depot one also doesn't seem to work. I've been looking to spend the money I put on the prepaid card but there just aren't terminals in the stores I usually visit.