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ASUS Qube Google TV dongle coming next week?

Android Central @ CESIn an update on the official Google TV blog, Google has confirmed that ASUS will be joining the Google TV fold with a new device at next week's CES in Las Vegas. In addition, the company says we can expect new Google TV products from Chinese manufacturers Hisense and TCL, as well as LG, Vizio, Sony, and "others." (You might recall we went hands-on with the Hisense Pulse Google TV in Berlin last August.)

There's a strong chance that the device from ASUS will be the "Qube," a Google TV dongle which passed by the FCC last month. The nature of this product remains a bit of a mystery, but given ASUS's strong track record with Android-based mobile devices, we're curious to see what the manufacturer's been able to do with its GTV add-on.

Stay tuned in the coming week for full coverage of everything Android at CES 2013.

Source: Google TV blog


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Google confirms ASUS Google TV device for CES


They care, problem is OEMs making there own platforms with bigger succeses so they not getting enouth support, if they get any OEM makes single TV model that no body care about. But i belive that some tv manufactures with lower software skills or that failed atracting developers might switch to google tv over time. So far biggest supporter is LG.

Keep in mind that hardware manufactures always will prefer there platform over 3rd party, letting other company control your hardware means less profit for you.

I'm actually considering the Archos... I'm beginning to believe that Google TV isn't worth it, and that just a plain old Android device hooked to my TV is the smart way to go...

yeah unfortunately no other Google TV products have the Harmony technology built in that for makes the Revue a great universal remote for my A/V setup.

Thing is Sony want to maintain marketplace. Game consoles is very specific market played by diffrent rules, creation of your own licenced platform, eco-system and brand is very importent there to make any profit. If there was android platfrom on PS3, game developers would avoid PS3 licence fee and Sony revenue by creating on android market. Thats why OtherOS was so limited in terms of hardware access

There also other minor thing, Android is not yet ported to PowerPC architecture that ps3 is running on.

Ah, that is a very good point. I knew that Android hadn't been ported to the PS3's architecture yet, but the loss of Sony's app store revenue hadn't occurred to me. Thanks for the pointer.

im perfectly happy with my Sony Google tv bluray player. It's even gotten updated last year and now it plays 3d bluray. What an I missing out on compared to new devices?

If this is a dongle, will I still be able to pass my cable signal through it via HDMI? I would hate to have to switch inputs to use this thing.