Galaxy Nexus updates

Android 4.0.4 has started rolling out on Wifi-only Motorola Xoom tablets, as well as GSM Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus phones, Google has confirmed. The new version of Android, which has been described as an "incremental update" by Google engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru, is said to include "stability improvements, better camera performance, smoother screen rotation, improved phone number recognition and more."

News of 4.0.4 launching on the Xoom and Nexus S (as well as AOSP) has already broken, but this is the first we've heard about the new version of ICS on the GSM/HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. For what it's worth, none of our Galaxy Nexuses have received the update just yet, but we're sure that'll change in the hours and days ahead.

No word on when this update will be arriving on the Nexus S 4G or Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus, but Android 4.0.5 has already been tipped for an early April launch on the Verizon Nexus.

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Yay yay yay! Smashing my "Check now" button.

mightylos8 says:

I was really hoping this would have included the Sprint Nexus S 4G! Hopefully it comes soon!

RandomMarius says:

I'm disappointed by Google not having Android 4 on their flagship Nexus S phone already. I mean a lot of other branded phones already have, and here I am with a NEXUS S 4G and left in the dark. Not cool.

I'm sure it has something to do with Sprint etc... I mean the Verizon GN ius getting updates timely... why not the Sprint Nexus S 4g?

Anyway, I've done the math, I'm terminating my contract early with Sprint. paying the fee, buying a new Galaxy Nexus cash (recently on special for $460 and I bought one).

I've worked it out that I'll be saving $160 in all if I switch to a $30 monthly plan at T-Mobile.

It's probably a yakjuxw GN, but that can be easily changed to a yakju.

ghost010 says:

sorry to burst your bubble. but the NS4G isnt google's flagship device.. the nexus S WAS. not Nexus s 4G.srpint is the one who updates the ns4G.

my nexus s GSM has 4.0.4 already! hah!

tcapote says:

Hopefully my VZW gNex will get the update soon! 4.05? We'll see!

chronophilos says:

Downloading on my GNex right now. Sweet.

sujivet says:

Is yours the GSM galaxy nexus?

Well its only rolling out for GSM models so yes....

chronophilos says:

Sorry I didn't clarify. I'm downloading it on the GSM Galaxy Nexus (not that it matters, but it's on T-Mobile in the US).

Flyer00 says:

Did you get it OTA or did you manually download it?

nipcarlover says:

Is yours yakju?

moosc says:

Make sure u clarify this for the USA wifi xooms.

crxssi says:

+1 It is only the Xoom Nexus (USA Xoom WiFi)

Awesome. Hopefully I will get is soon on my GNex. My firmware (yakjuzs) is updated by Samsung, so hopefully they don't drag their feet on this one like they did on 4.0.2.

Guess we'll see. Don't expect it this week or anything.

StuRoid says:

I've been on 4.0.4 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus for about a month already. Modaco custom rom if you want to know. Though I have another Nexus that is stock and waiting to see when it get's an update. My rooted Nexus is pretty much stock so will be good to compare them.

NotDiabl0 says:

Wasnt the GN released on Verizon first before any GSM carrier got it?
Doesnt make much sense to me if that is true, that they got the update first....

Alex Dobie says:

No, lol the GSM model was on sale for about a month before VZW launched it. Sorry bud.

NotDiabl0 says:

I meant in America -.-

ghost010 says:

so? what does this have to do with america?

Nope, they're talking imported from Europe where it released first. Verizon still remains the only American carrier with an actual release.


(couldn't resist the Nope thing :P )

SeigaGen says:

No!!!!!! GEEZ!!! :-)

I've been running 4.0.4 on my Verizon GNex for over a month. First with the leaked version, more recently with the Axiom Crossbreed. I still don't know how Axiom was able to cross it with the Open Kang without the 4.0.4 source code, but they did and its been great. I'm happy that the 4.0.4 source is now available for CM and all the other Rom coders. Is this official 4.0.4 any different from the version that was leaked a month ago? The leaked 4.0.4 significantly improved high-bit rate audio streaming but it still glitches a bit. I'm still hoping the 4.0.5 in April rumors come true.

jj1814 says:

It's not incremental for us GSM Galaxy S owners who never received the 4.0.3 update!

ghost010 says:

ehm.. this is for the nexus people. we are not talking about galaxy s phones...

BerardD says:

anyone get this update On bell Mobility yet?

Jeremy626 says:

Verizon nexus= "fake nexus" "Vexus" according to Myriam Joire.
and i completely agree... verizon sucks.

RandomMarius says:

Yet they get updates faster then the rest of the Nexii? (Go figure.)

But I agree, anything that is locked to a specific network is not pure Google. So by definition I only buy GSM. It also serves me better on travels to Europe and Africa.

ghost010 says:

they get updates faster because they are related to the network from verizon. not because its an major android update.

Flyer00 says:

You can't get a true Nexus on Veri$on.

goliath602 says:

Just checked on my Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom and there are no updates. I'll keep trying every hour.

msgnyc says:

updates are available for the Nexus S i9020T and i9023, but it looks like the i9020A and the Nexus S 4G continue to be overlooked and are still sitting on Gingerbread......

F-You Google..........

ghost010 says:

dont blame google. blame your self! you had to get the carrier locked version...


Geez, early April for Verizon in rumors usually means around April 30th.